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It’s sometimes easy to forget how many facets there are to your well-being. But the moment something is off in your finances, or your health, or your relationships, or your job, your well-being can be compromised. The best way to stay on top of your money, your health and the other factors that affect your well-being is to be proactive. One such way is the My Well-Being web site powered by Humana.

Just in the last week this great tool has presented me with reams of helpful information about health and wellness. Under the “Health” header, my two favorite articles were “5 Ways to Save Money while Staying Healthy” and “10 Ways to Find More Happiness.” Among the suggestions that resonated the most: “Focus on the solution. Life is full of challenges and I can guarantee that if you are looking for a problem, you will find it. However, it is not the problem that defines the situation; it is how you handle it. See when you focus on the problem all you will see is more problems. However, when you focus on the solution you will begin to see the opportunities to make the situation better.”

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Under the “Money” header, I took particular interest in the article titled “The Good Life is About Learning vs. Earning.” And under the “Play” header, I really enjoyed the piece called “How to Learn Online for Free.”

Everyone wants to improve their well-being, though most of us have a difficult time doing that. Why not look to the free experts?

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  1. My well-being is often affected by my loved ones’ “well-being” … which makes us normal, caring human beings. But I thing it is important to maintain some objective perspectives … by not letting others situations and moods (even those of our loved-ones and close friends) be TOO influential in our lives. You are no good for anyone else if your life is in the dumps!
    Thanks for listenibg,

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