Remington i-Light Pro Hair Removal System: No cuts, burns or pulls.

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Now that I’ve reached middle age, unwanted back hair is a fact of life. In the summer this contributes to added sweat. Added warmth in the winter? Yeah, not so much. And let’s face it, the sight of hairs creeping over the collar of your T-shirt is perhaps only attractive when that hair is on your chest (and you’re attending a 1970s theme party).

For years my wife has dutifully undertaken the responsibility of removing hair from my back. In the past she has used a straight-edge razor, but most often she uses one of those hair-removal gels that feels like hot motor oil when it’s applied to your back.

Here’s the routine: Take off your shirt, lie face first on the ground, sit still as the gel is applied to the hairiest areas of your back – for me that’s just the upper back, near my neck – and then wait 10-15 minutes as the motor oil burns your skin and loosens the hair. Then my wife, bless her heart, uses this little plastic rake – essentially a razor without the blade – and clears the hair off my back and throws it in a bag.


Yeah, it’s really not. Which is why I’m intrigued by the Remington i-Light Pro Hair Removal System. i-LIGHT Pro is a revolutionary light-based device that has been clinically-proven and FDA cleared for the removal of unwanted body hair at home. i-LIGHT Pro uses similar Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology that dermatologists use, providing you with professional-quality results in the privacy and comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost and none of the hassle.

Light-based hair removal technology has been used safely by medical professionals for over 15 years and numerous studies have demonstrated that long-lasting or permanent hair growth reduction is possible with proper use. Unlike most at-home hair removal methods, IPL doesn’t cut, burn or pull out hair, but instead works below the skin’s surface to disable active hairs and prevent new ones from growing.

The Remington i-Light has a 90 day moneyback guarantee. It’s clinically proven to remove unwanted hair for six months. It’s been cleared by the FDA and comes dermatologist recommended.

Why even consider paying thousands of dollars for in-office laser or IPL hair removal treatments when you can OWN the Remington i-LIGHT Pro for less than you’d likely pay for just one office visit? Set yourself free with the Remington i-LIGHT Pro.

I’m going to gift one to myself for Christmas — which is essentially like gifting one to my wife.

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  1. Harry back says:

    Has anyone tried this? I really don’t want all of this hair on my back this summer! Please share your experiences with where you have used this.

  2. I have done a little research on the product and it does not indicate that it can be used on the back. In fact, the manual states it has not been cleared by the US for use on the back, neck, head or face. However, I have to “shave” my husbands back like your wife has done. Not fun or sexy! Do you still think it is safe to use on the back even though it states that it is not cleared in the US for that use? I would love to get it for his Christmas gift.

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