The Christmas Gifts You Forgot

Adult toys for the bedroom, brought to you by Adam and Eve

Christmas may have already passed, but let’s be honest, was everything you wanted under your tree? Probably not, and chances are your girlfriend feels the same way. Sure, she likes that sweater you got her, she loves the tablet she received, and that aromatherapy set is totally going to help her relax in 2013, but chances are she didn’t receive a gift that can really satisfy all of her needs. Well, at least not the most important one of all. With the Christmas rush coming to an end and 2013 in sight, you should vow to make the coming year a whole lot sexier. Vow to have more sex, to be more adventurous and to let no orgasm pass by you or her half-heartedly. So be the stellar boyfriend you know you are and surprise her with one or two more last minute gifts that can help you achieve these resolutions. Need some ideas? I gotcha covered.

Did your girl read Fifty Shades of Grey earlier this year? If so, it’s likely she wants to try out some bondage. Maybe she already told you that, but if not, surprise her with a bondage kit fit for a queen. Get her an under-the-bed restraint system and watch as her eyes light up. This kit will fit underneath your mattress and allow for either of you to be tied up into all sorts of positions. You can find kits that also come with blindfolds and tiny whips, too, to help you both really get into the mood. Going on a winter vacation? These kits are compact and easy to travel with.

It’s likely that your girlfriend has been a fan of Sex and The City at some point in her life. Whether you know this or not, a Rabbit Vibrator would be a solid bet. A toy originally made famous by the women of SATC, has since become a household name in the world of sex toys and for good reason. This toy comes with so many options and reliability that your girl is sure to enjoy herself–with you and on her own. She’ll appreciate the fact that you’re confident enough to get her a vibrator. Check out the best of the best along with other Adam and Eve sex toys online.

If you and your girl are always on the search for new sexual positions, it just might be time to get a sex swing. A swing will allow you to take your bedroom sessions to new heights and totally new positions. The swing allows you access each other at different angles that aren’t usually possible on beds (or floors or couches for that matter). You swing together or one of you can sit inside of it. Hook the swing to a support hook in your ceiling or get freestanding one. You’ll be hard pressed to get bored with this toy. However, you may never return to your bed again.

Have you been trying to get through the back door with your girl, but she’s nervous about the size and possible pain? Warm her up to the idea and sensation by getting her a set of anal beads. These are a great way to break into anal, because you can use as many or as few of the beads at a time. Make sure to incorporate lots of lube and allow your girl to work up to an extra one each time.

If you’re a couple who likes to go down on each other (I certainly hope you are!), you should amp it up a little bit by getting a tongue vibrator. These toys simply wrap around your tongue and add a whole new element to oral. Get a two-fer pack and reap the benefits as well. You’re both sure to enjoy this one!


Brought to you by Adam & Eve,

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