Two new Tassimo flavors bring the coffee shop experience right to your office

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I work in an office, and in the past I’d often leave the building, hike to my car, and drive to get coffee, tea, cappuccino or espresso, depending on my mood and my need for a little pick-me-up. But in the time it took me to walk to her car, I now fix any of my favorite drinks on the office’s TassimoPro — a great alternative especially when work is busy and I need to stay in the office.

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I have a diverse taste in hot beverages. Some days I prefer a Colombian coffee, others an espresso, latte or tea. Now I can look forward to drinking all of them – perhaps in the same day, and all within the confines of my office. All thanks to the Tassimo Pro beverage system.

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Tassimo’s intelligently designed T Disc cartridges carry a bar code, which the machine reads.  This automatic drink recognition system adjusts to heat cappuccino or coffee for a certain amount of time –and at its regularly prescribed temperature. You don’t have to adjust anything; simply put the cartridge in the machine and press the start/stop button on its Liquid Crystal display.

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I was eager to try Tassimo’s two new flavors, Chai Latte and Cafe Noir Cafe Roast. They did not disappoint. The Chai Tea is an aromatic, spicy concentrated shot designed to always be mixed with steamed milk. It can be enjoyed hot or over ice, and it doesn’t really matter in what order you brew the discs.

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The Cafe Noir Café Roast is the first and only product in the Pro line to be made in the “big disc” format. It’s a deeply roasted, full-bodied coffee that’s designed to deliver the “coffee shop experience” right in your office.

]T-Disc_0000000_CAFE_ROAST_white.png (7 documents, 7 total pages)

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The prospect of using the same office machine to make espressos, lattes and coffee seemed like pie in the sky, I thought initially, and my co-workers were a bit hesitant to abandon the Keurig they’ve come to know. But once I arranged a free office demonstration, all of them were excited to use the versatile Tassimo Pro. The Tassimo Pro are not available for home use and will only work in the office brewer.



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