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So many memories from our lives are gathering dust in the form of outdated technology. Videos of our kids are on VHS, photographs are in boxes, and then there’s our old work and writings which are trapped inside of floppy discs that look like relics.
Have you ever wondered what will happen to all the digital memories you’re making now? Americans are taking more photos and videos than any time in history because of how easy it is to capture important moments with our cell phones and other mobile devices. We’re also publishing more writing than ever in the form of blogs and ebooks. On top of that, many of us manage our finances and keep our business records on computers.
So how do we know those things are safe? Is there any way to guarantee that they will survive and remain protected, no matter what happens to our personal computers, or how technology changes?
The answer is LifeKeep. And it’s free! Just sign up for a free LifeKeep account here.
LifeKeep is a secure and personal cloud account for storing photos, financial records, documents, and even all the passwords you can’t remember! And it only takes one LifeKeep account to store everything in one secure place with a user-friendly desktop layout and extra security for your most important information.
So how does LifeKeep maintain your data, even as technology changes? This is the coolest part: LifeKeep does all the necessary backup and file conversions into new formats that may emerge in the future.
If you’ve ever lost your data after a hard drive crash, you know how devastating it can be to realize that in seconds everything can just disappear. LifeKeep will prevent that.
As far as security goes, LifeKeep believes individuals deserve the same levels of security that businesses enjoy. Utilizing the highest levels of security available, AES-256 mathematical encryption technology was considered by the U.S. Committee on National Security Systems to be worthy of storing “top secret” documents.
The best part is, you no longer have to toggle between five or six open windows for storing all your data. LifeKeep will secure all your data in one place—simple to understand and easy to access—for free.
Try the free LifeKeep app now.

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