Casual Sex, Explained (and Defined)

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  1. David Wise says:

    They could have given the money for this study and I would have told them the difference.

  2. I am wondering of the 300 students, how many were female and how many male? Also I would be curious as to motivation of either gender (e.g loneliness, lust, desire for affection/touch, etc)

  3. Randy Strauss says:

    Marla, the 300 students were heterosexual so that would suggest the sample group was, more or less, even divided between the two sexes. I don’t think that there is any motivation to a one-night-stand or a booty call other than orgasm, unless you consider that some people might perceive the one-night-stand to be a prelude to a more permanent relationship; as in, “We met at a bar and spent the night. Why hasn’t he/she called?”

    Also, according to my 21 year old son, one-night-stands are now called “hooking up” and rarely lead to anything more permanent than a quick kiss and a “how are you doing?” the next time you see each other. When I asked about booty calls, he denied any familiarity with the concept. Knowing better, I asked about “soandso” from “thatotherplace.” He said, “That’s none of your business.”

  4. 24 years old here. Maybe I’m just a sensitive soul, but even during a “booty call” I can’t help but feel some sort of emotional attachment to the person I’m having sex with. It may be a faint and small feeling, but I feel that any of these variations in sexual activity warrant some emotion.

    From what I understand (and I am not an expert) a booty call is usually between two people that have known each other for awhile, such as an ex or a promiscuous friend. A one night stand is usually with someone who you don’t know or just met (at a bar for example).

    Sometimes, a person just needs some good sexual healin’ , but I wouldn’t simplify that to an orgasm – I got that covered thanks! Instead, a booty call or a one night stand gives you that physical and emotional connection that you can’t get on your own. I think that’s what drives both men and women to seek a one night stand or booty call. Just my two cents though :P

  5. Everything relative I guess. Ms. Pappas has to define “modern sexual relationships.” In the seventies and eighties there was a “booty call.” It was called ‘sport sex.’ I wonder if there was any ancient research?

  6. I dig that sort of anthropological/sociological study. Very interesting, because I myself had been wondering about the difference. Hair-splitting, maybe, but an intriguing look at how people frame their relationships, and what they mean from a value standpoint.

    On a more pragmatic level, at this point in my life…I’d settle for any one of those (grin).

  7. Dear God I must be getting really old at 45… is this what our society has become. What about this is moral?

  8. what a waste of time.. I think everyone here is living under a rock.

  9. ahhhh the booty call. many a man and woman have resorted to this kind of no strings attached sex. thanks for the reports. i wrote an article with some insight into casual encounters at if anyone is in need of some “guidelines” for hooking up. keep up the good posts!

  10. This — “After all, how could you not trust someone who sees you only as an object for sex and nothing more?” — is an oversimplification. I write about the difference between men and women and the casual sex that works best for women here:

  11. Check out my site if you’re looking for a casual encounter.. thanks!

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