My Wife Likes My Beard and So Does My Girlfriend

 As a married man, I must say, its important to me what my girlfriend thinks about how I look.

Please note: This article includes a product endorsement. However, you may find it amusing anyway.

Welcome to Playa Del Carman, a lovely beach town an hour or so from Cancun. I came here with my lovely girlfriend. And the amazing thing is my wife doesn’t mind a bit. In fact, she encourages me to spend time with my girlfriend. I kid you not. And although I want to look good for my wife, I really want to kick the whole romance thing up a notch for my girlfriend. And part of having a hot girlfriend on the side is taking care of how you look and feel.

You can’t just go schlepping around like a content old married guy with your scruffy beard and your shirt all wrinkled. You’ve gotta keep your stylish edge. You’ve gotta engage the thrill of the hunt. The excitement of something that is new and unpredictable. Even a bit dangerous. You’ve gotta take some risks. And girlfriends inspire that in us guys. Gentlemen? Am I right, or am I right?…

(…Oh, uh, a quick side note here…..Need I say that my wife and my girlfriend are the same person? No, I course I don’t need to say that. You knew that already, right? ….OF COURSE you did….)

So, here’s the point I’m trying to make.

If you happen to be monogamous. (A big shout out here to the rocking’ polyamory crowd!) And you are a married man, you know that marriage can often be about a lot of practical matters like mortgages and groceries and kid’s homework and laundry. In fact, it can turn in to a marathon of lists and housework and repetition. And sometimes, all the daily responsibilities of life can obstruct the time an energy you have for your romantic life.

That’s why having a girlfriend or boyfriend on the side is huge.

My wife, Saliha, and I frame our relationship in a multitude of ways. One central way we do it is to hold the boyfriend/girlfriend space in the present. We are both married and newly dating. I am both her husband and her boyfriend. Often she will speak of her boyfriend in the third person.

“My boyfriend is looking very handsome, today,” she will say. (Lucky dog that I am.)

It makes me smile just thinking about it. And it creates energy in me to spruce things up a bit. Which is where things like trimming my beard comes in. As you may know, Norelco was kind enough to sponsor me to try out their trimmer and their electric shaver, the Norelco QT 4070 Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer, and the Norelco AT830 Rechargable Cordless Tripleheader Razor.

Put simply, I like them a lot. The thing I like most about them is they work quickly and don’t require shaving cream or water. I can use them in under a minute and I can use them to create a lot of different looks. Because although my wife loves me for who I am deep down inside, my girlfriend likes a boyfriend who’s looking sharp.


This post was sponsored by Norelco. Beard and opinions solely by author Mark Greene.
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  1. When I read an article only to find out half way through that it is:

    1.) Not an article about what it says it is about (polyamory), and

    2.) An ad disguised as an article (with no warning that it is so on the clickable link on G+),

  2. “(…Oh, uh, a quick side note here…..Need I say that my wife and my girlfriend are the same person? No, I course I don’t need to say that. You knew that already, right? ….OF COURSE you did….)”

    Yeah you do need to say that…because stories of healthy polyamorous relationships do exist.

    • Actually, I’m all for the courageous folks who practice successful polyamory. I just don’t happen to be one of them. Not condemning any practices or policies. In full support of the over throw of the patriarchy. And the matriarchy. And the 24 hour news cycle. And all the rest of it.

      • I wasn’t saying you didn’t support polyamory…I was saying that sentence was a bit heteronormative…maybe monogamy-normative might be a better word. You were implying you don’t even have to point out that your girlfriend is your wife because, duh, everyone should expect that. Get what I’m saying?

        It’s nitpicky on my part in some ways, but I think it’s still relevant and valid.

        • Stories about healthy polyamory don’t just *exist* here, they devoted a whole special section to it a few months back. Totally relavant and valid, even understated point that Heather is making.

        • Jamie Parsons says:

          I think it was a joke and I found it funny, like most people would.

  3. And here I was for a moment, thinking I was reading an article on ethical polyamory.

  4. Joanna Schroeder says:

    You had me for a second there, Mark!

    Funny stuff!

  5. Ryan Bjorklund says:

    I have been beguiled!

    Now I am certain that Norelco products are also good for making punji pits.

    Clever guy, you!

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