New! Dissolvable Condoms?

Traditional condoms. Party-style.

Mamamia reports on what may well be the condom of the future.

In new and exciting science news (!) researchers have had a break through and have invented a dissolvable condom.

That’s right. A condom. That dissolves… while it’s inside you.

Don’t worry, at first it didn’t sound like a particularly good idea to us either. There are many things that are notably great for their dissolvable properties – such as stitches, and Aspro Clear, and Listerine breath strips, and Berocca, and jelly crystals.

Condoms do not, and should not, have anything in common with the aforementioned items. They should stay VERY intact all the way from packet to penis to bin. SURELY.

But hold on just a moment because apparently these dissolving condoms are the way of the future. And are infinitely better than those regular, boring, glow-in-the-dark-but-insoluble condoms.

Researches at the University of Washington have created a HYPERCONDOM (imagine saying, “Honey did you remember to buy hypercondoms?”) that releases drugs to prevent both STD transmission and pregnancy as it dissolves.

University of Washington Professor Kim Woodrow said:

“Our dream is to create a product women can use to protect themselves from HIV infection and unintended pregnancy. We have the drugs to do that. It’s really about delivering them in a way that makes them more potent, and allows a woman to want to use it.”

And for those of you were ‘But how do planes stay up in the air?’ kind of kids, then you probably want the scientific details. According to Gizmodo:

condoms 380x309 The new dissolvable condom: this is how it works

Image from the University of Washington

These contraceptives made from a nanofabric born through a process called electrospinning, or creating fibers from liquid inside of an electric field. It’s apparently easy to control variables like strength, solubility, and shape with the resulting material, so antiretrovirals can be added to the condom. It could be slappped onto existing contraceptives or directly inserted into the body, like a vaginal ring. And it’s the first of its kind.

Would you ever use dissolvable condoms? Or would you stick to the ones you know you can trust (well, when they don’t break…)?


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  1. Side effects?

  2. If the lining is thin enough, I wonder if this new condom will not affect tactile feedback? Thin enough to feel warmth, touch, etc?

  3. A few years ago, I had a tour of the local sewer plant. The initial treatment pond was covered in floating condoms all blown up like balloons. A lot of men knot their condoms before flushing them down the toilet (or maybe the ends get twisted shut in transit) and the material in the condom decays and produces gas, inflating the condoms. The employees have to fish out the condoms with long rakes and throw them in wheelbarrows then transport them to the landfill. The guy giving the tour said that when they give tours to schoolchildren, the kids are always fascinated by the idea that people are flushing all these balloons down the toilet and keep asking why people would do that.

    So a dissolving condom could be a very environmentally friendly option.

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