Poll: Would You Date Yourself?

Would you go on a date with you?


I was always drawn to the Stoli vodka “Would You Have a Drink With You?” advertising campaign. I loved its core theme: do you like yourself? Would you want to spend time with yourself?

For those of you in the dating marketplace, you could take Stoli’s message one step further: would you go on a date with you? Are you a good date? Would you date yourself short-term? What about long-term?

To help you answer these questions, I’ve designed a survey for you to rate your “dateability” factor. And if you’re in a relationship, take our survey as a refresher course. Perhaps you’ve gotten too comfortable?

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  1. Cai Robinson says:

    For sure, I would totally date myself for I know where to take myself and every date would be to ever more awesome places. it would be blast all the time.

  2. Valter Viglietti says:

    I totally would. 🙂

    Well, the only thing, I’d really hope my other me would have huge knockers – that I lack! :mrgreen:

  3. It doesn’t matter, nobody else will…

  4. Hell no. Without someone to balance some of my “eccentricities”, within a year I’d either be dead from an increasingly lethal collection of pets, or ruling most of Earth from a throne built of the skulls of my enemies while guarded by my army of 30 million giant robot scorpions.

  5. FlyingKal says:

    A female version of me?
    With the same interests, traits, and (mostly) the same attributes. In good physical shape and a healthy interest in sex?
    Yes. Hell, yes!

  6. Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve never met myself from the outside, so I don’t actually know how I’d react to me. (If I take the question too literally, I wouldn’t date myself because I’m not interested in my own sex, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what’s being asked.)

  7. J P McMahon says:

    Of course I would date myself. We would always be ready to step outside for a cigarette at the same time. Wouldn’t even have to ask what microbrew, bourbon, or hunk of animal we would share. Politics or philosophy wouldn’t be interesting enough to talk about with no contention, so we would just discuss movies and food and sports and music. I don’t enjoy intimacy on the vast majority of my dates anyway, but in this case it would almost be assured, because it happens anyway.

  8. Nope. I think I’m a good catch. But on the other hand, I think that some of the problems any of us face in long term relationships is that the couple soak up attributes from each other.

    Classic what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Unfortunately, none of these attributes your mate is going to steal are good.

    You come in from work and want to plop down with a six pack and the tv remote, leaving all domestic imperatives to fend for themselves. Or better yet, for the female to take care of them.

    Lord help your relationship if she starts doing the same: Two slobs pushing back Buds in their underwear. You’ll end up living in a pig sty, drowning in fast food containers, roaches scurrying up the walls and mice dashing across your feet, a board of health notice attached to your front door.

    Or what about if you have children:

    Where I might think it’s fine for me pretend deep narcotic like sleep when the baby cries at three AM, what if mommy starts doing the same thing. Who’s going to get up then–red eyes and pissed off–Me?

    Trust me there’s nothing quite as distasteful as having your own crap thrown back in your face by the one you love.

    I dig me. I love me. But that’s not who I want to roll over on top of each night.

  9. Do you want the one-word or the two-word answer (hint: they both contain the word “no”)?

  10. There is room for one kook in a relationship- and I’ve already covered that role.

  11. I would TOTALLY date myself! I am bi and have been looking for someone in my situation (poly, with a gf, looking for a “boy on the side”). WHERE ARE MY DOPPLEGANGERS???

    Not that I am restricting myself to tethered poly bi men, but when they come along, I am piqued!

  12. There are two ways to take this. Would I date myself? No. I cannot stand myself. Would I date a female replica of myself with all my qualities and flaws? In a heartbeat. I hold myself to a standard of unattainable perfection, but I do not hold others to that same impossible standard.

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