Opposites Attract, to a Point

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About Jerry Brennan

Jerry Brennan hails from the eastern half of North America. He's of German-Irish stock, which means (according to one ex's mom) that he's probably drunk and depressed. He's also the author of Resistance, and you can follow him on Twitter @jerry_brennan


  1. Tom Matlack says:

    Jerry thank you for this. It checks out with my experience. I have been married twice, once unsuccessfully and one I am about to celebrate 10 years. My current wife has filled in my weak spots. The things I hated the most about her at the start where the things I love now because they were the things I didn’t know how to do. The biggest is that I am a strong introvert and she is at ease in every social situation. I hated going to parties. She loved them. It took me years, but she showed how me to engage with people in a way that fed my soul rather than humiliating myself. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to before. People scared me. I was desperate to connect but didn’t know how. She taught me. That is just one example….

  2. This is a great article and I thank you for sharing your story and insight.

    Me and a woman that found ourselves separated for a few years recently found ourselves back together but realizing that while we love being around each other and enjoy each others company whole heartedly and never want to lose the other one, there are little things that tend to annoy us about the other and I think that’s inevitably what may be keeping her from wanting to commit fully because she believes that could be a problem.

    Your statement about thinking about those little problems makes them seem bigger is right on the dot and in order to really make things work, you need to focus on the things you love about the person while continuing to grow together.

    Best of luck to you and your family!

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