Seven Years Later: Reflections on Marriage

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About Seth Dombach

Seth Dombach, born and raised in Central PA, is a loving father and husband. He has made it a point to bring the best possible life for his family. An aspiring writer, you can find his work at his personal blog at Kloipy Speaks or his film reviews atPop Culture Ninja.


  1. So beautifully written… This is precisely the kind of love that I’m waiting to experience & you both are truly blessed to have found each other

  2. Thank you for the comment. I truly feel lucky to have such a wonderful woman to share my life with. Like I said, love isn’t always perfect or easy, but it is well worth it when you are willing to put the work in. Thank you again for reading and for the comment

  3. “Being there and supporting each other through the highs and lows…”

    Beautifully said!

    I would add:

    Love is listening to your wife even though life is stressing you out (i.e.., work, aging parents, crazy siblings)…and really trying to ask her how she is when she says “fine” (because sometimes she really isn’t)….

    Love is spending time with your wife and children and making them your priority….and not running off to the bar every Thursday and Friday night to hang with a drinking buddy…Don’t let negative people into your life…or at least, limit your contact with them…

  4. This is what I’ve always wanted. You wrote exactly what I’ve been wanting for a long time: the one person who I would be willing to live my life with through anything that comes out way, to express such love is something I want to feel.

  5. Matthew, I hope you are able to have that someday. It seems to happen when you least expect it. thanks for reading and for the comment

  6. Sounds like a rare harmony. If more couples had such devotion and compassion, perhaps divorce rates wouldn’t be as high.

  7. Beautiful, thoughts like this leave me hopeful

  8. I too, have a love like this, and cannot help but wish every person alive could have it as well. Our world would be a better place with the strength, confidence, and peace that it provides. Cheers to you and your family.

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