The Science of Love: Studies on Sex, Relationships, and Valentine’s Day

Do women prefer sex over chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Survey says …

This week, Tara Block of POPSUGAR gives us the latest stats and surveys about love from around the web to learn some fun facts about sex, Valentine’s Day, and relationships.

Happy Valentine’s Day! In this season of sexy, we decided to take a look at some of the most interesting stats from the many relationship studies that pass our way lately  And some may surprise you. Like how, for instance, it turns out Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a high-pressure holiday — most women don’t want the standard gifts and would rather have a low-key dinner or sexy night in. From post-coital tech usage to the turn-ons of housecleaning, find out all the tantalizing love and sex info we have gleaned from recent studies now!

Spread Some Snarky Love With Valentine’s Day Someecards

1.  Rosetta Stone surveyed lovers worldwide to find out the most romantic language. French took the lead with 60 percent. Je t’aime!

2.  SOASTA released research that found 54 percent of Americans expect to receive something in return for sending a Valentine’s Day ecard to their significant other — for 10 percent that’s sex, but for 35 percent, a simple “thank you” would suffice.

3.  According to a LifeStyles Condoms survey, US women would choose sex over more traditional Valentine’s Day gifts like flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and lingerie. But those don’t hurt either.

4.‘s annual Singles in America study found that being “friends with benefits” is leading to more long-term relationships than in the past: 44 percent in 2012 compared to 20 percent in 2011. So maybe it’s OK to ask your FWB to be your valentine.

5.  Logitech released survey results that stated 74 percent of tablet owners find it acceptable to reach for their iPad after a romp in the hay. At least it’s not during?

6.  A survey from Liquid-Plumr of 1,000 women ages 18 and older found that a third of women admitted to fantasizing about their significant other while doing housework. Just what kind of “housework” are they doing?

7.  According to a survey by investor, more than one out of five (21 percent) of respondents aren’t celebrating Valentine’s Day at all. And 35 percent of married people won’t be celebrating compared to 16 percent of unmarrieds. Sounds about right.

8.  A LifeStyles Condoms Valentine’s Day survey found that 51 percent of those surveyed said their Valentine’s Day plans include sex, with 43 percent adding that they’d like it to be more sensual than usual and 37 percent wanting more foreplay on Feb. 14. Don’t you think those percentages are a bit low?

9.  An OpenTable study found that 21 percent of diners would go on a first date on Valentine’s Day, while 42 percent believe Valentine’s Day dining is reserved for those dating for a month or two. But what if you don’t realize it’s Valentine’s Day when you make the plans?

10.  Social network and online dating site Taggedcompiled data to release a study on flirting habits in the US. The study found that Hawaii is the most loving state (sent most “luvs”), and West Virginia has the most flirtatious population (sent most “winks”). Alooooha!

11.  According to a Durex survey, 80 percent of men and almost 60 percent of women are turned on immediately after receiving a sexy gift for the bedroom. Define “sexy” …

12., a site that facilitates online fundraising for nonprofits, released a national survey that found only 6 percent of adults think wealth is a sexy quality to have in a partner. Just some old-fashioned good looks will suffice.

13.  Ecommerce site looked at 2012 sales data to discover that the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts were not chocolate and jewelry, but actually clothing and accessories — making up 30 percent of all sales. It helps if you pick it out yourself too.

14.  OpenTable released its rankings of the 25 most romantic dining cities in the US based on the diner reviews. Texas led the way with San Antonio (No. 1) and Austin (No. 2) topping the list and Houston at No. 10. Yee haw!

15.  After analyzing its members’ activity by zodiac sign, online dating site released its findings on the flirtiest signs. In order of most flirty to least, here are the most flirty zodiac signs:

  • Virgo
  • Leo
  • Cancer
  • Capricorn
  • Scorpio

16.  According to a survey, 38 percent of renters have ended a relationship with someone while still living together, and 62 percent of those stayed for a month or longer, even up to a year!


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