What I Want in a Woman

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About Jon Vaughn

Jon Vaughn is a single dad with two daughters. He started his own blog, Full-Time Daddy, his perspective on life with children, divorce, separation and being a single parent. You're welcome to follow him @FullTimeDaddy on Twitter and follow Jon on Facebook.


  1. What I want in a woman. My roast pork n veggies with awesomesaucegravy! I want that in me too!

    Everyone has standards, don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed of them.

  2. Valter Viglietti says:

    Good article, and good luck with your dating! :)

    PS: I like your description of the woman you’re looking for, and I think she’s similar to the ones I like: imperfect (and glad to be) and lively.

  3. In a lot of ways, I think women are looking for the same things in a man. Loved reading your article! It is refreshing to hear a man speak from his heart in what he really needs in a woman. I have no doubt you will find her with that much clarity. She exists. I keep us updated.

  4. Thanks Tonya. Out of all the things I have written, this one seemed to be the easiest. I’ll keep you updated. :)

  5. Gawd if only I was not in love with somebody haha.

    I agree with Tonya, alot of women are looking for the same thing. I think it takes some amount of ‘progression’ call it spiritual or whatever you want to call it but to get to a point where you are not plain running on emotions, to have major life happenings to realize what is important in relationships and what isnt.

  6. Where have you been my whole life? HaHa. All jokes aside I find it extremely refreshing that you know exactly what you want and express it with honesty and strength. I admire how you wholeheartedly put yourself out there. Not many people will allow themselves to be so transparent. I hope you find what you are looking for and wish you the best of luck.

  7. Great article! It is so beautiful I cried. It is refreshing to hear a man be honest and not sexist in what he is looking for. Remain honest and hopefully you will find the beautiful relationship you seek. PS I wish I had seen this article before I gave up online dating (I could’ve have used the inspiration to describe who I am and what I was looking for) alas I have decided to just live life and see what finds me/I find

  8. Best line: “I’m not looking for a maid or a servant, and I’m certainly not looking for a dumb ass either.”

    Hilarious. And good!
    Ah, heart connections. Great stuff.

  9. I am all those things, but I find this often happens with online dating. You read a man’s profile and it’s like reading my CV so I get in touch…. and of course he’s not looking for that/you because a list of wants is rendered useless once you spent an hour with the right person and it all comes down to chemistry. Sadly, because I live on a rock, my chances of spending an hour with that person to determine said chemical reaction is zero. But I’m reaching out to the universe….. “Universe, send me a man to love who can love me with all my flaws and inappropriate humour, and flabby arse and sometimes short temper (I’m selling myself well, here, right?). Send him to Guernsey. Please!”


    PS I fart. A lot. It’s funny.

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