What the Tuck Is Going on?

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About She Said He Said

Eli and Josie, friends since college, realized how lucky they were to have one another—an honest friend of the opposite sex who tells it like it is. They wanted to share that with the world and so www.shesaidhesaid.me was born.


  1. PursuitAce says:

    The 20 percent rule? Really? Is there a table to determine what is 5 percent or 10 percent. Wow, why does anyone date anymore. Two jobs is my max…LOL.

    • randomStranger says:

      i know right? pfft, thats why I never did, too many rules like this that can get you “ejected from a date” <_<

    • Guestopher says:

      It says the 20% rule was made up for this article. It sounds like it was inspired by PUA/Seduction Community advice. It’s something like escalate slowly and don’t be overly eager. Perfectly fine advice, but don’t say it’s from the Seduction Community.

      • Dudes, I totally made that rule up!!

        If I were your female friend and you were like, “Hey Jos, what do I do if I’m with a girl and want to escalate the mood a little bit, but not be creepy?” this is exactly what I’d say! That’s the whole premise of our blog… To be your best girl-friend who will tell you the truth.

        I’m not trying to get you laid like the seduction community, I’m trying to give you a little insider’s perspective! Seduction Community. Eww!

        I’m your surrogate-best-girl-community, my friends. Lean on me, I will help you out with an open heart and with the best of intentions.

        Eli is that for the ladies, too, we hope. A surrogate-best-guy. He’s been helping me for a long time, with quite a lot of success if you ask me.

  2. Ive nothing to add to both of your thoughts.
    a nice piece, and good humour used by both of you

  3. All Hail Friar Tuck..

  4. What to do with my penis? I just wrap it around my leg 6 or 7 times, or hold it down against my calf with my foot….

  5. I think a better question might be ‘why are you so willing to get so close so fast?’ Having enjoyed many spooning sessions over my lifetime, I waited long enough to comfortably have options relative to where to put ‘Mini Him’. It’s better when you’re both comfortable enough not to stress about it either way. If something so ‘natural’ is THAT much of an issue, I think you’ve got a bigger decision to make than where to put ‘it’. You should be choosing not to let your bodies get closer than your minds and hearts have gotten. I’m just sayin’ . . .

  6. 20% rule? Sounds complicated.
    I guess girls can do math after all.

  7. Be the little spoon and protrude away!

  8. Insert “spork” joke here.

  9. Not to bring the party down, but…

    One of the charges against Julian Assange is sexual assault arising from arousal during morning spooning.

    The U.K. also defines sexual assault to include an erect penis touching another person.

    I have no idea where the several States come out on this question. So, to avoid time in the pokey and a lifetime on a sex offenders list, I would recommend wearing sweatpants, or at least compression shorts, both during foreplay and afterplay.

    • Personally I recommend never getting close enough to any female to enable any form of physical contact.

      • A safe and wise recommendation. I never have intimate relations with any woman until my lawyer has contacted her and she has filled out the requisite forms in triplicate.

  10. You straight people can be so silly sometimes (though the conclusions seemed totally logical). Good luck to all of you cuddling with boners in the future, may your fondest dreams cum true splashing you with all the goodness that life has to offer.

    • I agree about the silliness but we straight people are being censored if we try to say so.

    • Hey, now, it wouldn’t be fair if those who already had the fun of being gay also got to hold onto silliness!

      Share the joy!

  11. Come on guys, what’s with the censorship? At least one other contributor is calling this silly. Why is my criticism hidden?

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