George Zimmerman is Not Guilty. What Next?


Dr. Vibe covers the aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict.

The day after the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict, Marie Roker-Jones, Brandy Williams, TheStyleGent™ and Victory Unlimited gave their takes on the trial, the verdict and the aftermath. Aleasa Word and Professor JT of The Professor Word Show joined the discussion.

They spoke about:

– Where were they when they heard the verdict and what was their reaction?

– Were they surprised with the verdict?

– Their thoughts on how the prosecution and defense handled the trial.

– Media coverage of the trial

– Social media and the trial

– Black media coverage of the trial

– Is there any blame towards Trayvon Martin’s parents?

– Is the George Zimmerman verdict an indictment on all Black men in America?

– Have many Black Americans given up the fight? Have many Blacks become complacent?

– Their words for Black men.

Listen here:

–Photo: snakphotography/Flickr – A man with hoodie donned watches the speakers on the steps of the Historic Capital Building in Tallahassee, Florida at a Rally March for Trayvon Martin

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