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Cameron Conaway, Executive Editor at The Good Men Project, is a former MMA fighter and an award-winning poet. He is the author of Caged: Memoirs of a Cage-Fighting Poet, Bonemeal: Poems and Until You Make the Shore. Conaway is on the Editorial Board at Slavery Today. Follow him on Google+ and on Twitter: @CameronConaway.


  1. Random_Stranger says:

    “Can you tell me about the one time you were most discouraged to do something or act a certain way, b/c you were not doing what males were supposed to be doing?”

    Yeah, this question is a kind of false equivalency with the kind of gender oppression women experience. True, there are things that men are not supposed to do like wear a dress, play the flute, care for children, ect. but discouragement or imposed non-action is not, in the main, the problem men experience under matriarchy. Instead men are required to act; his measure of value is directly a function of his agency. The problem men face is that the action demanded of him is often completely contradictory to what is in his self-interest or self-preservation. Man as glorious sacrifice is the equal opposite to woman as coveted virgin.

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