Sex Trafficking, Prostitution and Christ’s Advent

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About Courtney Dow

Courtney Dow, MEd, CRC, Director of NightLight USA, is a native of Atlanta, GA and a graduate of Auburn University with a Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling. Dow previously worked at the International Labour Organization, a department of the United Nations, before joining the NightLight International team in 2005. Courtney has assisted victims of sex trafficking from the United States, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, India, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Turkey, and Uganda and is the founder of NightLight Atlanta. In 2012, she received Auburn University's Young Alumni of the Year Award. She is a worship leader at Grace Midtown in Atlanta, GA. Courtney desires to see people who are in bondage to the abuse of their past set free by the furious love of our Heavenly Father.


  1. It sounds like Courtney knows what she is talking about regarding the issue of prostitution in Thailand. Sometimes you hear people talking about this but they have no real first-hand experience or understanding of what they are talking about. The main cause of this is poverty and a lack of economic opportunities. This problem won’t go away until there are more and better economic opportunties for the poorest people in Thailand. Right now they are treated as a source of cheap labor to be used and abused. Also, Courtney and her group should have reported the American pedophile that they encountered. That is against the law in Thailand.

  2. GMP recently hosted another piece that mentioned NightLight and the Grace Hotel here.

    FYI not everyone agrees with your view that your sex work abolition ministry represents a valid form of social justice. Not everyone takes your concept of sexual sin seriously.

    I’d be interested in finding organizations that focus on true trafficking victims, without the proselytization and without the abolitionism. Apparently I need to keep looking.

    And speaking of sources of cheap labor, how does your “alternate employment program” differ from a sweatshop?

  3. All these sympathizers of sex workers should actually go and talk to a few of them.

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