America’s National Holiday: The Super Bowl

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Neil Cohen lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and toddler son. A former corporate PR guy, he’s now enjoying his new gig as a stay-at-home dad. He writes about parenting, current events and sports at his blog Man on Third. You can follow him at @manonthirdblog.


  1. I’ve been advocating (to family and friends) for several years now that the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a U.S. holiday. My solution is to move MLK Day to the first Monday in February for Black History Month.

  2. Co-sign. The Super Bowl is a holiday in my household and has been for awhile now. Too bad the Saints weren’t able to make an honest run this year, seeing as how the game will be played in NOLA. But things have a way of working themselves in life.

    Here’s hoping that Baltimore wins for one Ray Lewis.

  3. FANTASTIC article!!!

    I agree completely, and am with you on the over-ratedness of Columbus- the dude was in the Bahamas, thought he was in India, and they say he discovered America???? crazy what PR can do.

    Too bad I’ll never actually enjoy a Super Bowl Holiday triumph- the Jets haven’t won in my lifetime and it looks like they may never!


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