I Hate to Rain on the Pirates’ Parade, But. . .

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About Scott Behson

Scott Behson is a Professor of Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University, a busy involved dad, and an overall grateful guy. He runs the www.FathersWorkandFamily.com blog dedicated to helping fathers better balance work and family and encouraging more supportive workplaces, and also writes for Harvard Business Review, The Huffington Post, and, most recently, Time. He lives in Nyack, NY with his wife, Amy, and son, Nick. Contact him @ScottBehson on twitter.


  1. [...] The Good Men Project took a look at the Pirates.  Does this resonate?  Is it missing something?  Let me know, and maybe I’ll see you at the double header later today! [...]

  2. […] a few months ago, I wrote a piece here at GMP Sports in which I explained the reasons why I expected the Pirates to suffer yet another second-half […]

  3. […] Our own Scott Behson predicted another flame out. (And, much to his credit, later owned up to his mistake.) It had been 20 seasons not just since […]

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