Is the True Center Really Dead in the NBA?

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Patrick Hayes is a senior writer for in ESPN's TrueHoop Network. He's contributed at SLAM, MLive, SB Nation and various other places. He's also an inconsistent tweeter. His first book, 'The HIGH-erarchy: Ranking the top 30 NBA talent producing high schools in history,' is available here.


  1. Since Kareem left the game we have had dickless pivot men. Fat Shaq by sheer “GIRTH” (fat) was allowed to run over the competition for his first 12 years in the league. Everything they tried to take away from Wilt they gave to fat Shaq. D. Howard is a mediocre center who is an all star among today’s BUMS. The center HAS BEEN dead for a long time now !

  2. I can’t take seriously an article that referrs to 6-8 F Len Bias as a guard, lists 6-5 F Fennis Dembo as a center, and includes Jeff Turner, Roy Hinson, J.R.Reid as centers and says that Tim Duncan is the FIRST name that makes you wonder C or PF? Really?

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