Madden Curse 2012: The Passion…and the Prejudice?

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  1. I’ll admit you know a lot more than I do about sports.

    That said, I don’t think you know that much about race and racism. Judging from this article.

    In the case of McNabb, it seems you ignore the racial prejudice against a Black quarterback by saying it’s true and that it’s BS. I mean, what does that even mean? Prejudice against Black players is nothing new. It’s pretty common, and yet here you are dismissing it so casually, as if people are stupid for recognizing this reality is idiotic. It’s sad how condescending you’re being to the lived experience of Black players, like McNabb.

    Would we have further proof, if only in passing and only in one isolated and ultimately quite meaningless situation, that the “white tribe” rooted for its own kind? No, we wouldn’t, because deep down this is all a load of shit.

    First of all, it’s not. Whites overwhelmingly support other Whites in every arena from sports to politics. Again, ignoring this reality is a major flaw in your article. But even worse is that you partially contradict yourself in the next damn paragraph:

    My father, who is hardly some bastion of enlightened liberalism, played college football for West Virginia University. He has repeatedly described Ernie Davis as “the best football player [he] ever played against,” never appending any mention of race to that superlative.

    So you’re refuting one example of racism with a different example of color-blindness? But didn’t you just say these isolated instances are meaningless???

    Also, color-blindness IS BS. Seriously, read up on the term. See how people who are supposedly color-blind actually continue to engage in racial prejudice and discrimination.

    Anyways, I like your thoughtful attention to race in sports, but sadly you managed to fumble it, badly. That’s the only way I can describe how you start off with the right information and come to the wrong conclusions =/


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