Are You a Warrior? A Mudder? Neither? Both?

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About Hugo Velasco

Hugo Velasco writes for various blogs. Primarily, he focuses on health-related topics like injections for weight loss, hair transplantation, and chiropractic issues. When he’s not at the keyboard, Hugo is probably off doing something crazy like bungee jumping or competing in extreme sports.


  1. Zero interest whatsoever because I have no interest in getting filthy dirty for absolutely no reason. I guess choosing to be clean makes me a girly-man or something?

  2. Its not so much about the mud. Its not even really about the intense workout. Its more about setting a nearly impossible goal for yourself and then getting a major self-confidence boost after you push your body to its limits to do what you set out to do.


  1. [...] bodies with energy when there is scarcity of calorie intake – this is particularly useful for active people, because without this reserve fat, none of us would have any energy at all. The third one is the [...]

  2. [...] runner or any other athlete that has to run and move around a lot, or even the type who enters warrior or mudder competitions, you cannot help it if you need more than one visit to the Lakeland chiropractor due to several [...]

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