The Unraveling of Our Fandom: Sports and Cheating

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About JP Pelosi

JP Pelosi is a sports writer and the editor of Why Football Is Cool, a blog about pro football trends, ideas and culture. He has written for The Globe and Mail, The Virginian Pilot, Inside Hoops, The Bleacher Report and Technorati’s football blog The Gridiron Grind.


  1. Yes, professional athletes use drugs to improve their performance. But, the only disappointment you should feel is that they’re merely human like you and I and not the superheroes of your youth.
    High School kids are now abusing prescription drugs to increase focus, recall and attention so they can get into the best universities and get the dream job. Well, at least that the long term goal. The short term goals are the good grades that make their parents proud.

    I have a friend that proctors the Bar Exam. Students who are diagnosed with attention deficit disorders are allowed more time on the test. Is it any wonder that the number of law school students diagnosed with these sorts of diseases is on the rise?

    It is human to use whatever advantage you have at your disposal for the accolades of the win.

  2. The Wet One says:

    Reality sure is a b*tch, ain’t it?

    Sorry about your bubble being burst.

  3. I fear you haven’t spent any time with elite athletes… It seems that way from what you are saying.

    Two important points about elite athletes and drugs:

    1) It is not about being lazy. It is not about taking a shortcut. These guys who chear are still very talented and very very dedicated. It is not that they don’t want to put the work in. Quite the opposit. They take drugs so that they can make that final 0.1% jump that takes you from “almost the best” to “the best”. It is the tiny margin that takes someone from conteding for a medal and almost guaranteed win.

    2) Most of the time it is not about “a chance at obscene riches and grandeur”. It is about winning. Not for the fame or the money but to be better than everyone else. Yes, some have done it for the money, but most of the time it is about the win. Beating others is all that matters in the mind of an elite athlete. Nothing else. These guys, especaly in non team sports, give everything up for the chance of the win and it takes over there lives. I grew up around top level athletes and I don’t think they are anything to look up to. Yes, they work hard to reach a goal, they have dedication and focus, but all that matters is the win, and like the CEO that tread on others, neglects his/her family and stabs people in the back to get to the top they are not a good roll model, more a reflection of all that is wrong in the world.


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