Tiger Woods is Once Again #1 in the World

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Liam Day has been a youth worker, teacher, campaign manager, political pundit, communications director, and professional basketball player. His poems have appeared at Slow Trains Apt, and Wilderness House Literary Review. His op-eds and essays have appeared in Annalemma Stymie, the Boston Globe and Boston Herald. He lives in Boston, where he works as a public health professional. He is the Sports Editor at The Good Men Project. You can follow him on Twitter at @LiamDay7.


  1. H e has a girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, the skier. I don’t believe Tiger would ever be single. I believe he think’s he is invincible and above the rules of social norm. His skill has created a monster. He doesn’t just want to have sex with multiple women, he want’s it all, the wife, the mistress and a selection of any prostitute at his beckon call.

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