What the “Freak” Is Going On?

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Neil Cohen lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and toddler son. A former corporate PR guy, he’s now enjoying his new gig as a stay-at-home dad. He writes about parenting, current events and sports at his blog Man on Third. You can follow him at @manonthirdblog.


  1. My theory- getting older sucks.

    Of course, offense is down for the 7th consecutive year (and now sits below pre-Steroid-era baselines), so maybe velocity isn’t so important compared to gains in other areas.

    • Neil Cohen says:

      Thanks Scott for reading. Some of these guys are really young (Felix, Lincecum, Ubaldo) to be losing their fastball so dramatically. Could be workload (I know Felix has thrown a ton of innings). I don’t disagree with you on velocity not being as important, as they say, any real major leaguer can hit a straight fastball no matter how hard it’s thrown. Personally, I think it has something to do with either throwing in between starts (long toss/conditioning) or related to other pitches they throw like change-ups hurting their velocity (a lot of the guys I mentioned in story throw change-ups). Just my own personal theory.

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