Where Have You Gone Aaron Sele?

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Neil Cohen lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and toddler son. A former corporate PR guy, he’s now enjoying his new gig as a stay-at-home dad. He writes about parenting, current events and sports at his blog Man on Third. You can follow him at @manonthirdblog.


  1. ThePaleKing74 says:

    Alomar was a more dominant player than Biggio??? More athletic, maybe, but Biggio’s numbers are WAY BETTER. Biggio wasn’t the dominant second basemen of the 90s because he was too busy flying under the radar of most baseball writers as one of the most sorely underrated players of his generation (the other, Jeff Bagwell, whom despite lacking one shred of evidence, the BBWAA have decided to scapegoat for suspected PED use).

    I don’t think it’s enough for BBWAA voters to not vote for PED users. It just makes them come off as butt-hurt, entitled and pretentious – like they’re somehow the guardians of this idyllic myth of Professional Baseball. If you really want to make a statement about the role of integrity and sportsmanship in professional baseball, you should’ve voted for a bubble guy like Dale Murphy. He may have not had any of the magic numbers, but he was a back-to-back MVP (on a godawful team, no less) and one of the biggest stars of the 1980s. And he did it all with absolute class and integrity.

  2. Neil- It is a travesty that Biggio, Raines, Piazza and Bagwell were not voted in. I would have also voted for Schilling and Trammell (the biggest loser of the bunch). We can disagree about the PED folks (I’ll side with Stark, Posnanski, Jaffee, Sheehan, James, Silver and the BaseballProspectus folks on this against you, Murray”get off my lawn” Chass and Verducci).

    Biggio was a dominant player: OBP is FAR more important than BA, he was also a plus up-the-middle defender (C and 2B), was a great base-stealer, and NEVER hit into double-plays.

    Piazza and Bagwell being shut out bc of unsubstantiated rumors is disgusting.

    The fact is, the quality of baseball player has vastly increased over time. Yet, MLB and the idiot baseball writers call the 50′s the golden era and call depression-era players the best ever. This is nuts. Pre-Jackie Robinson, basebal only drew from a talent pool of white Americans. Of course, Ruth, Cobb and the others look so dominant- the average ballplayer then was as good as you or me. There are 2x as many players from the 40s in the hall than from the 80s or 90s, despite now pulling from a diverse world-wide talent pool, and now having 2x as many teams/players. Somehow older players are considered better (two examples: Bagwell was twice the player Tony Perez was, and Raines is twice the player Lou Brock was).

    Finally- regarding PEDs. I guess amphetimines don’t count. And the NFL had a rookie of the year award stay after Cushing was nailed for HGH. No one cared. Does anyone believe more baseball players use than football players?

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