Wrestling Scores an Olympic Reversal

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About Chris Parisi

Chris Parisi was born in Tucson, Arizona, raised in Rochester, New York, and moved to Boston to attend Boston College in 1980, going on to earn his MBA at Bentley College. An enthusiastic runner and avid Celtics fan, Chris stayed ever since, running the Boston Marathon twice. He currently manages healthcare data warehouse projects, and his compilation of short stories, Just So You Know, It's All Good, is available online.


  1. Jameseq says:

    i dont have anything to add, just thanks for the update

  2. Chris Parisi says:

    My pleasure!

  3. Wait a minute! Wasn’t wrestling an original sport in the ancient Greek Olympics? The very fact that it has to ‘Sing for it’s Supper’ says volumes about how this highly politicized leadership has drifted away from the Olympic origins. I mean Wrestling vs. Squash? Softball? Baseball? (A sport which I absolutely love , by the way) Badmiton ? C’mon! If there’s no room for Wrestling in the ‘Modern’ Olympics, lets just change the name to the ‘Summer X Games’ , put it on ESPN , and be done with it!

    • Chris Parisi says:

      Tell me about it. It really felt that one of the biggest issues was the aura of entitlement surrounding the wrestling federations – because of the very feeling that history would not let them fade to black. Was this a message to Olympic sporting in general as well as wrestling diretly, to avoid complacency? We’ll know in a few months!



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