T2TB Week: Lakers Flags

My favorite NBA finals moments were the moments between games during the Lakers threepeat (I almost wrote first threepeat, but I suppose it’s time to acknowledge that they lost like two weeks ago and won’t be winning the title this year). LA sports fans deserve little pity, but for many of us those Lakers teams offered the first true taste of victory. Their ascent, and their ensuing chaotic and precarious perch atop the NBA, brought the best out in the city. The LA Times led with the Lakers no matter what. Small talk could only be about one thing. Street corners were filled with vendors (I still have my 0.4 shirt; that fourth season still had all the atmospherics). Basically, LA was like New York with car flags. The finals haven’t mattered as much since.

Eric inspired us with “1990s First Basemen Week.”

—Photo via Special Events


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