#52: The Documentarian


He learned of Thailand’s brutal sex trade. Then he looked into himself…

#50: Houseguest


A houseguest leaps through flames to save the life of a sleeping baby.

#49: Aurora


There were more heroes than villains in that Aurora, Colorado movie theater where twelve were killed.

#48: A Mother’s Answered Prayer

abandoned van

A Mother’s Day Tom Brechlin won’t forget. #48 in a series: 100 Acts of Male Goodness.

#47: The Fireman

firefighters entering window

It was a typical afternoon in the firehouse. Me, Danny and Pete were sat around playing five card stud, drinking cold soda and dreaming of hot pizza. The alarm went off. We folded and sprung into action.

100 Acts of Male Goodness

shaking hands

How do you know who is a good man? By his acts.

#46: The Caretaker

danny's scars 588x350

Danny takes care of a drunken bachelorette.

#45: A Gentle Man

gentlemen tile

“I know this not because he fits a definition or has the requisite qualities to be awarded the label good; it’s because he just is.”

#44: Shifting


“He could’ve done some damage in high school football, but he was the assistant manager counting my drawer.”

#43: The Janitor


“Apparently, life doesn’t wait until we are ready.”

#41: Words


“Something had always been different about him.”

#40: The GI


“Bill, I love you. Now come out into the light.”

#39: The Music Man


“He wakes the girls by singing songs they’ve come to expect every school morning.”

#38: Nightmares


“What 33 year old is too afraid to sleep alone?”

#37: Good?


“I’m too damned young to peak.”

#36: Poet


“A hero is a man of distinguished courage and ability; it describes him perfectly.”