#87: Baltimore Man Donates Dreads to Girl who Lost Her Hair to Chemo

A Baltimore man gave a life-changing gift to the daughter of a stranger he met at the park.

#86: Homeless Former Marine Receives Scholarship after Playing Street Piano

A viral video of a homeless veteran smashes stereotypes and results in a well-deserved chance for a new life.

#85: Cellist Was Brave Warrior for Peace during Sarajevo Bombings

With bombs exploding around him, this brave cellist honored his city’s gunned-down residents and national treasures.

#84: Boston City Councilman Implements Free Sunscreen Citywide

Boston combats skin cancer with new, free sunscreen dispensers — at no cost to taxpayers, either.

#83: Officer Sings to Toddler after Family’s Fatal Crash

A Colorado police officer comforted a toddler by singing after her family’s fatal car crash.

#82: Teacher Inspires Political Greatness in ESL Students

A Long Island teacher inspires political greatness and confidence in children of immigrants.

#81: Former Gambler and Businessman Creates Nature Preserve in Florida

A Florida man has spent $90 million of his personal wealth to create a nature preserve and protect threatened species of animals.

#80: High School Valedictorian Anonymously Posts Inspirational Instagram Photos of Classmates for Almost a Year

A Washington high school student surprised his classmates and raised morale with an anonymous Instagram account.

#79: Australian “Angel of The Gap” Saves Hundreds from Suicide on Nearby Cliffs

Australian man credited with saving hundreds of suicide attempts with a smile, a cup of tea, and a genuine listening ear.

#78: Man’s Donated Blood Has Saved 2 Million Babies

James Harrison is being called “the man with the golden arm” for his lifelong act of service that has saved millions of infants.

#77: Minnesota 5th Graders Befriend a Bullied Classmate

A group of 5th grade boys prove friendship can be the most powerful anti-bullying tool ever.

#76: Chobani CEO Pledges Half His Wealth to Help Refugees

Chobani founder and CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya, pledged last week to donate half his estimated $1.4-billion wealth to help refugees.

#75: Paramedic Rescues Doctor Who Rescued Him as an Infant

A California paramedic rescued the same doctor who saved his own life 30 years earlier.

#74: Teen Cellist Shares Love of Music with At-Risk Youth in Costa Rica Schools

This talented teen proves that music has the power to cross geographic boundaries and to empower young people.

#73: Heroic Irish Priest Helped Save More Than 6,500 People during WWII

This Irish priest is an unsung hero whose work during World War II deserves greater recognition.

#72: Men Bike Cross-Country to End Sex Trafficking

These three men are biking across the U.S. to help stop human trafficking.