What Was the Best Toy That Got Away?


Slade Grayson asks, “What’s the one childhood toy that you really wanted, but didn’t get?”

Love, Peace & Sooooul… Train! A Conversation with Ericka Danois on the Hippest Show in Television History


J.M. Blaine loved it. Ericka Blount Danois wrote a book about it. The two writers talked about Soul Train, the legendary, groundbreaking television show. Read. And learn.

A Love Letter to That ’60s Boy Dancer

Bobby Banas

Adam Dyer on the greatest dancer you don’t know by name.

Five Films That Changed the Game

M*A*S*H movie, Little Big Man movie, A Clockwork Orange movie, The Godfather movie, The Graduate movie, The Good Life, The Good Men Project, Steve Jaeger

The Seventies were a decade of smashing taboos in filmmaking: in dialogue, depictions of history, and the image of the leading man.

You Dance and Shake the Hurt


Yago Colas reflects on race and basketball, as they were lived and played, body and soul, in 1970’s America.

The Day Mrs. Ryan Broke Up Our Rock and Roll Band


In August, 1976, five kids from Northeast Philly were going to be the heroes who saved Rock and Roll.

33 Albums You Should Listen to Before You Die


Music you don’t have on your iPod … yet. Steve Jaeger’s got bold taste in movies, and albums, too.

Scared Straight


Steve Jaeger lives to tell a tale of hitchhiking in the Age of Aquarius.

“The subtext: men are sex-crazed maniacs and women aren’t supposed to like sex.”


This is a comment by Sarah on the post “The Truth about Porn and Relationships”.

Our Football Picks, Week 3: One-Question Quiz


Fill in the blank: Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III became the first ever quarterback ______________ to start an NFL game.

My Father’s Ponytails: A Love Story


My father wants me to mix his ashes with the ponytails that he has saved in plastic bags. All things considered, this seems like a reasonable final directive.

A Gay Cowboy’s First Castro Pride

gay cowboys

One gay cowboy’s mind is opened by the diversity of celebrants at the 1987 San Francisco Gay Pride parade.

Nostalgia: 4/28


Blast from the past: Brad Kelstrom is guest editor for a week of nostalgia.

Love Rollercoaster 1975

Photo by tobiastoft

Susie Bright looks back on a run in with the teamsters in 1975, where, from her worldview, men and sex were dangerous. An excerpt from Erica Jong’s newest book.

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When Playboy Bunnies Ruled

Bunny Lili at NYC Playboy Club 1978

At 17, most girls are filling out college applications. I was nervously auditioning to become a Bunny at the New York Playboy Club.

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Lost Your Wallet? Just Wait 40 Years


Click the photos to view the wallet and its contents.