Trump’s Damage Could Already Be Done

Even if Donald Trump drops out tomorrow he’ll probably still have a lasting negative impact on our politics.

Sex In The 1980’s

Richard Benson considers whether boyhood was more innocent in the 1980s compared to today.

Why Didn’t I Look Like Ted Arcidi?

Oliver Lee Bateman reflects on a forgotten wrestler who embodied the “80s style,” and whose enormous body proved impossible to replicate.

So Much For The Whole “Land of the Free” Thing.

US incarceration rates compared to the rest of the world.

Exile From Guyville: A Reflection

Paul Zakrzewski—when confronted with the evidence that he wasn’t much of a man—reflects on the ongoing revolution for men.

Life As Ronnie

James Stafford remembers the friend he–and society–left behind.

Swimming with Sharks

“For the first time in my life, the prospect of approaching an attractive woman did not fill me with mortal dread.” For his next two years at college, Andy Bodle proceeded to do nothing but.

Secrets and Smokes at Two Minutes to Midnight

Kenny Bodanis is a father of two small children: nowadays, he craves sleep. But 25 years ago, up late with his friends, it was a different story.

The Sophisticate

Kile Ozier was encouraged to cultivate a taste for alcohol at home. Without the pressures of a political life in the closet and a killer epidemic, it might not have become a problem … .

Adolescent Humiliation

Andy Bodle fights and flees the pecking order.

The Science of Love

Why has it taken us so long to learn so little about how and why we have sex?

On Turning 40

Have the Baby Boomers ruined aging for the rest of us?

Last Place

How do you come to love the place you call home?

A Cloak, a Scythe, and Sweet Halloween Revenge

After a viewing of Children of the Corn, Joanna Schroeder and her dad hatch a plan to scare the living shit out of her older brother and his friends in true Halloween fashion.

The Chase

Alex Pollack has a history of obsessively pursuing the girls and women he forms crushes on.

Dude, Where’s Your Penis?

Greg White has a much-anticipated moment with an infamous flasher.