From the Founder and Executive Director of 1in6: In Memory of our Dear, Dear Friend, Heidi


As if we did not have enough reason to commit ourselves to the critical work of 1in6, we can now add this: we are dedicating 2014 to the memory of our dear, dear friend, Heidi Sommer.

Recovery: The Never Ending Story

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Randy Ellison points out that “healing is not a destination, but a journey.”

It Happened Only Once


There doesn’t have to be a second or tenth time. The damage occurred and our innocence was shattered.

Sometimes Trauma Resurfaces When We’re Best Ready to Cope With It


“But why did it surface now?” I asked myself that question many times during the first year of my struggle with the molestation.

Resilience is About Survival, in Whatever Form it Takes


Peter Pollard on how he sees resilience as the beautiful light that overcomes the darkness of trauma.

Sexual Violence: It Really is a Men’s Issue


Conversations about sexual violence relegate men to two roles: Bystander or Perpetrator. It’s time to add the third role: Survivor.

But I Don’t Always Have Enough Light For My Own Path


Cecil Murphey, a sex abuse survivor, offers a moving meditation about what he’s learned on the path to healing.

Fellow Male Survivors, Please Remember We Are One


One of the significant issues with male survivors is that we generally believe we are alone, the only one. In fact, most of us are alone because of the walls of protection we build around ourselves.

13 Reasons Why Sexual & Domestic Violence is Not Just a Women’s Issue


More and more men are bringing their strong hearts and minds to the issues of violence prevention and want to be part of solutions.

Change is Coming for Survivors of Sexual Assault


Randy Ellis, an advocate for child sexual abuse victims, sees the light of positive changes.

Dialogue Between the Adult Survivor and the Wounded Inner Child


Cecil Murphey, the adult, acknowledges the child who experienced childhood sexual abuse. He describes a cathartic inner dialogue between the adult survivor and the wounded inner child.

How One Male Survivor Maintained Hope


Hope comes in many forms. Here’s the form that helped Aaron Kesseler hold on.

On the Power of Listening: “You Did So Much For Me.”


When it comes to healing, silence often speaks more eloquently than the cleverest words.

A Woman, A Feminist, A Supporter of Male Survivors


Let’s start by acknowledging that 1 in 6 boys have had unwanted sexual experiences.

Why Am I Still Not Healed?


Here’s something I say to myself regularly: I am not quite healed. I am a healing-in-progress.

Did it Really Happen? On “Forgetting” Abuse.

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Cecil Murphy with a personal story about denial and facing hard truths.