The Republican Road Not Traveled

Has the Republican Party’s strategy of obstruction during the Obama years really been that shrewd?

Has the Republican Party Lost its Mind?

Some Republicans are arguing they can win by writing off minority voters. But this would be bad for the GOP and terrible for the country.

The Komeuppance of Karma Karl

“And speeking of rude I think for doing such a bad thing I think you shoudn’t be married. Ya that’s what feels like to be yeld that sentince right in your face.”

Immigration Reform with Jim Wallis: The Interview

“The checks have replaced all the balances in our public life. Until we get the money out of politics, we’ll never get values back into politics. There’s a long-term need here now for a social movement focusing on the influence of money in politics.” -Jim Wallis

Where’s My F’ing Polling Place?!

If you’re the sort who enjoys random F-bombs, this site is for you.

Ballots Behind Bars: The Other 1%

Why inmates should have the right to vote

Those Thin, Blurred Lines

Ken Goldstein on what to watch for in debates.

Beautiful Liars

Carl Pettit wishes politicians would stop insulting his intelligence, and put more effort into their lies.

Is Anti-Islam Film This Campaign Season’s “Swift Boat” Effort?

Mark Greene asks is the YouTube release of Innocence of the Muslims actually aimed at the U. S. Presidential Election?

The Amnesia of 9/11

We came together as a country eleven years ago. Can we do it again in 2012?

Five Things That Shouldn’t Be Mentioned in a Political Campaign

Campaigns for political office are often painful to watch. Here are five ways to make them better.

Suggestions For the GOP Playlist

Elissa Schappell wants to help the GOP select a great convention playlist, since all their favorite musicians won’t have anything to do with them.

Open Thread: Should Politicians Be Forced to Show Their Tax Returns?

Even if not forced, do politicians have the duty to share their tax returns with the public?

Think We Should Keep IVF Legal?

Men need fertility treatments just as much as women, writes Lee Rubin Collins, so “personhood” amendments are about their rights, too.

Trayvon Martin and the Fate of the Alabama Segregation Reference Ban Amendment

Everybody’s talking about the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Nobody’s talking about Alabama Senate Bill 112. That needs to change.

No Presidential Challengers Have Any Heart

Andrew Cotto doesn’t think any of the challengers to President Obama have enough compassion to succeed.