Help! I’ve Lost My Man Card and Can’t Get It Back


Phillip Chesnut is a cup-cake decorating guy who cares about his kids—not a bearded mountain man. Can he get his man card back?

Why Does Tonto Have That Bird On His Head? Racism in the New ‘Lone Ranger’

new Tonto, Disney Lone Ranger, racism Lone Ranger, blackface in Lone Ranger, Johnny Depp Tonto,

Alex Yarde discusses the blatant racism in the new Disney film, “The Lone Ranger”.

The Conversation No One Else is Having


We have pioneered the largest worldwide conversation about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century.

“The idea that men have lost our way because we are a much more diverse group is disgusting.”


Tom says that the way into the future is not for men to retreat into a homogeneous bubble, but to keep growing in diversity and to keep having the difficult—but very necessary—conversations about manhood in the 21st century.

Defining Masculinity


“…gangsta culture is the essence of patriarchal masculinity.” An introduction to Jack Donovan’s new book, “The Way of Men.”

Is the 21st Century Colorblind?

GMP Black History Month Photo

Nicole Johnson and Jackie Summers discuss racism in the 21st century and express their hope for a greater representation of ethnic voices.