The Will of God?

After an auto accident and a trip to the ER J.R. Reed explores the will of God and the fallibility of modern medicine.

Sunday in So Cal

“I’m going to take a Miguelito,” he replied, while holding a roll of toilet paper skyward.   It’s 8:55 PM (Pacific) and I’m sitting at my desk, preparing to write this blog post.  To my right sits a nearly full 32 oz bottle of Corona.  The kind they sell in Mexico.  To my left sits […]

The Diabetic Chick

She began making sweet love to Little Debbie…         Tuesday was my second day at the new job. It’s not my first choice for employment, but it’s a job and I’m happy to have it.  I have to work late two nights a week, but I have weekends off, so it does […]