This Much I Know To Be True

Despite the fact that manhood has become a third rail of modern society, I refuse to stop talking about it.

2012: A Year of Outrages

It was a year of zany attacks from all sides. I’m thinking that might just mean we are onto something.

Are Men More Likely Than Women To Be Homeless?

Are men more likely than women to be homeless? Certain people, who have much invested in a myth that feminism is basically Bane from The Dark Knight Rises*, claim that men are 94-97% of homeless people. More realistic estimates that are both properly cited and not disproved by basic observation propose that men make up about 67.5% of the […]

My Response to an Open Letter From MRAs

The Good Men Project was never intended to be a platform to espouse any particular dogma. It was founded as a way to begin a conversation.

Being a Dude Is a Good Thing

With so many men feeling like they’re being blamed for being men, Tom Matlack wants us to embrace manhood.

Who’s Responsible for Violence?

Should non-violent men take responsibility for other men’s violence? Debate rages on.

Blaming the Blameless: SPSMM Responds

As SPSMM’s editor for contributions to the Good Men Project Magazine, I’d like to respond to some points made by Mr. Paul Elam (“Men and Violence: Blaming the Blameless“) in response to an article written by Chris Kilmartin, Ph.D., (“Violence Is a Men’s Issue“). Elam notes that Kilmartin did not explicitly reference any research in […]