The No-Notice Peace Out

Ghosting: The new trend in abandoning what we don’t like.

12 Signs You’re Being Too Nice

The need to be liked and the fear of rejection shouldn’t determine your reality.

Men, Are You Afraid? You Absolutely Should Be.

Author Jay Cradeur shares the secret to transforming fear of fear to the powerful impact of embracing fear as your teacher.

My Dad’s Rejection Sent Me On an Uncertain Rites of Passage to Adulthood

Christopher MacNeil was thrown from his home at 15. First he had to learn to survive. Then, after a return to face his dad, where to go from here.

The ‘Talking Cure’ Does Not Work Without Action

So you’re on the couch talking, but now what?

The Doorway to Love Is a Broken Heart

I dare you to let the hammer of love smash open your heart.

My Father is Alive, but is Dead to Me

Steve Dustcircle struggles with the knowledge that an emotional death can be more devastating than a physical one. It characterizes the mourning he feels for his dad, a man who is still alive.

Abandonment PTSD: How Willpower Will Take You From Zero to Healed

How one couple stopped living their past and learned to fight for their future…and how you can, too.

The Three Universal Relationship Wounds

Jed Diamond explains how abandonment, shame, and betrayal impact us throughout our lives.

The Empty Space

Cabot O’Callaghan shares his grief of finding then losing the father he never had.

The Importance of Fathers

Karen Jones shares two personal stories on the presence and absence of fathers in their children’s lives.

Finding the Courage to Talk About Violence

In the wake of Baltimore’s riots, Raoul Wieland explores the nature and implications of violence and the social disconnection that inflames it.

The Wounds of Absence

For Cabot O’Callaghan, art flows from the pain of growing up with an absent father.

The Wrong Way to Ask for a Divorce

Ending a marriage is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be cruel.

Divorce: Then and Now

Jenny Kanevsky grew up with divorce and is facing one now, but she’s determined to make it different for her sons.

Three Good Years Taught Me the Value of a Father

The father she knew and loved wasn’t with her for long, but long enough that she never forgot what a good father could mean to his daughters.