No One is Pro-Abortion (And Few Are Fully Pro-Life)

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3. The Pro-Life Position Feels Disingenuous to Many People.

Me, My Husband, and My Abortion

man and woman holding hands

Why marrying a feminist man was the best decision I ever made.

The Men of “Girls”


Tillie Adelson describes how the most recent season of “Girls” actually has a lot to say to men.

Tearing Pages Out of Textbooks is Not Censorship?

Ripped pages

Knowledge enlightens and empowers people and is an essential building block of civilization. Censorship prevents knowledge and narrows the mind.

Ten Reasons Why Tony Abbott Shouldn’t Be Australia’s Minister For Women


Tony Abbott makes a poor choice for Australia’s Minister for Women, even if he is the Prime Minister.

Why I Empathize with Jessa Duggar…and Why Empathy Can Revolutionize the Internet


“Empathy and good feelings can make the Internet a better and safer place for everyone,” writes N.C. Harrison.

A Story You’ll Never Forget


Bob Marrow’s grandmother saved a girl’s unwanted child, only to learn of its tragic death.

To The Man Who Wrote Pro-Life Comments Citing the Bible On My Facebook Wall


Rev. Jim Rigby doesn’t accept your biblical interpretation.

Supreme Court: Need an abortion in MA, Must Talk to Eleanor McCullen First

Abortion Debate

Since abortion is a legal medical procedure, being subjected to harassment, abuse and violence should not be a precondition.

Uruguay’s President Drives An ’87 Beetle and Donates His Paycheck To Charity. Could He Save The International Left?

jose mujica

  Jose Mujica has gone viral for his humble lifestyle and liberal reforms. Paul Blest on what the Uruguayan president’s popularity means for global leftists.  —– President Jose Mujica is not your typical head of state. First off, Uruguay’s president is old – 78, to be exact, one year younger than Ronald Reagan when he left office. […]

More Change in the Vatican: Pope Francis Fires Critic of Abortion, Gay Marriage

Pope Francis

A series of announcements by Pope Francis changed some positions inside of the Church, and in continuing with reforming the Christian religion, ousted a popular Right-wing Cardinal out of St. Louis.

Thank God I’m a Violent Man


Gregory Jaquet thinks Catholic-inspired Latin American culture creates the framework for domestic violence.

Chris Christie and Those Pesky Social Issues


Chris Christie’s liberal stance on social issues are not going to doom his candidacy for the White House.

Pope Francis: Catholic Church too ‘Obsessed’ With Social Issues

Pope Francis, 13/3/13

Pope Francis believes it is time for the Catholic Church to find a new balance, with the focus being less on social issues and more on “healing the wounds of it’s faithful.”

Reproductive Rights Groups Nod to Men’s Stake in Choice

ProChoiceMen DaveFayram 2013_09_18

Pro-choice organizations and activists are seizing opportunities for solidarity and engagement with men.

Pro-life Abortion Advice: No, Really.

photo by katietegtmeyer

The Rev. Dr. Neil O’Farrell thinks Yin and Yang.