#whatyounevertaught: 5 Ways to Make Sex Ed Better for Boys


Why should boys be left to learn the hard way about real issues regarding sex and relationships?

Do Boys Deserve Credit for the Declining Teen Birth Rate?

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The reason that teen pregnancy rates have plunged in the last few years is because boys are behaving more responsibly.

Pregnant Boys: Chicago’s Teen Pregnancy Campaign Sparks Conversation

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Chicago is shocking the world with its 2013 teen pregnancy prevention campaign, which features pregnant teenage boys.

Illinois Passes Bill for Comprehensive Sex-Ed in Public Schools

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“In fantasy land, we teach our kids abstinence—and they listen.”

What Marriage Isn’t

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Conversations about marriage continue to show that we fabricate romantic myths that set us up for disappointment.

My Uncle Didn’t Get AIDS Because He Was Gay


Kathryn DeHoyos shares the most important thing she ever learned about sex.

Fox News: Be Abstinent Until Marriage, Mimbos.

Steven Crowder apparently waited until he got married to have sex, and would like to tell us all about it. In general, I am happy for Mr. Crowder. He waited until he got married to have sex and had a very enjoyable loss of his virginity. I’m glad! I think everyone should have the right […]

Off The Grid

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Robert Levithan travels to Turkey and unplugs from everything. He strives to live in the moment, until he has to return to his world of emails, Skype calls, and constant communication.

The Naked Truth About Saving Sex for Marriage (Part 2 of 4)


There’s a myth that sex is forever uncomplicated for men. The wedding night is an excellent example of how this isn’t true.

His Right to Choose


When Jess Prominski asked her new partner his views on abortion in the event of unplanned pregnancy, she was surprised by his answer.

On Chastity Movements and Men

Christian abstinence movements are really fucking weird about masculinity. (My qualifications for writing this post, as an atheist skeptic who has had quite a lot of sex: I went to Catholic abstinence-only education in high school, I took a class on the abstinence-only movement, and I’ve read a fuckload about it in my free time […]

Tennesee’s New Sex-Ed, Or Lack Thereof


HeatherN hopes the new Tennessee law isn’t as disastrous as research suggests it may be.

Why I Decided to Stop Drinking (And Why It’s Not a Judgement on Anyone Who Does)

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Carlo Alcos picked a hell of a day to quit drinking. Here’s what he learned along the way.

Fifties Purity Advice

For a class, I had to scan several pages of a 1957 sexuality advice guide for Protestant engaged and married couples. I figured that while I had them scanned I might as well share them with the general public. Unfortunately, since I do not have to scan them for the class, you all are missing […]

It’s About More Than Titillation: Don’t Give Up On College Sex Week

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Eric Henney examines how the “Sex Weeks” being held at universities such as Harvard fail, and also how they succeed.

Purity Balls

Hat tip to Christa. So, purity balls! Purity balls are gross. I don’t think I know a single feminist who doesn’t think that purity balls are gross. It takes what is actually a kind of lovely idea (a dad and his daughter spend some time together at a ceremony that honors their relationship) and turns […]