The DoD’s Gender Problem Directly Threatens National Security

You might think the military’s position on gender rights is only a question of values. But what if endangers all of us?

Call It What It Is: The United States Tortures Human Beings

Rev. Neil O’Farrell asks: At what time did American civilization end?

Torture Victims Sued By Torturers. Seriously.

Truth is stranger than fiction, and more depressing.

Philip Zimbardo: The Demise of Guys (TEDTalks)

Philip Zimbardo challenges the global community to think about the question, “Why are boys struggling?”

On the Eleventh of the Eleventh

Looking back upon what we could have learned from 9/11, Greg Olear sees only opportunists of many stripes using the events to further their agendas.

The Nick Flynn Interview

Tom Matlack interviews Nick Flynn, author of “Another Bullshit Night in Suck City” and “The Ticking Is the Bomb.”

Undocumented Iraq

When the Iraq war began, embedded photographers were allowed to take pictures of almost everything, but slowly, the military began telling photographers what they weren’t allowed to photograph. Hospitals, morgues, wounded soldiers, and IED scenes were all eventually declared off-limits.