What You Need to Know About Protecting Kids From Sexual Abuse

A survivor of abuse offers an easy and actionable list to help keep your kids safe.

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Facing the Reality of Sibling Sexual Abuse

Sibling abuse is one of the least understood forms of sexual abuse happening to children. Dr. Robin Landwehr explores why we tend to minimize it, and how dangerous that can be.

A New Year’s Gift to Your Inner Child: Learning to Love After Sexual Abuse

Anthony Goulet is a survivor of abuse and shares his message of hope and encouragement with other survivors.

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Are we too gender-biased when it comes to violence, especially domestic violence?

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One way to help survivors heal? Stop quantifying abuse.

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On Stephen King, Abuse Survivors, and Why Apologies Matter

Lynn Beisner accepts Stephen King’s apology for using the word “bitchery” in regards to Dylan Farrow’s claims of abuse by Woody Allen.

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We throw the word hero around a little too casually these days. Here are some men who earn the title.

How To Talk To Your Child About Sexual Abuse

David Pittman offers a step-by-step guide for parents on how to talk to kids of all ages about sexual abuse, which can help keep them safe.

Stay With Us, Young Warriors. We Need You Here (Video)

Vincent Schilling is successful, but life as a teen was living hell. In this video, he talks about he her survived… so that he could grow up and thrive.

Waiting To Be Found

Abuse survivor David Pittman explains how the loneliest feeling in the world is waiting to be found.

On the Rejection of Sexual Abuse Prevention Education

Knowing how to teach sexual abuse prevention education means nothing unless there’s an opportunity to do so.