I Chose Myself Over My Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

I decided I deserved better. ___ Last year I made one of the biggest decisions of my life. For nearly two years, it would have been two years last May, I had been dating a guy across seas who owned every part of my heart. Love wasn’t and never will be a strong enough word […]

Helping the Village Reclaim it’s Soul

It’s time we understand the role of community in the rise and fall of our sons.

I’m a Man Who Knows What Fear is, But Also What it Takes to Overcome It

The journey from running away to facing your fears.

My Take on Forgiveness 

Being able to move past our abuse is what we all want.

I Am The Victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse

I am the victim of childhood sexual abuse. __ Trigger warning* – Sexual Abuse I am the victim of childhood sexual abuse. I write candidly about coping with the sexual abuse at the hands of my grandfather on my blog. My blog is about the isolation from my parents. It is about looking at the scary things […]

I’m a Victim of Child Sexual Abuse – Am I Courageous?

Is admitting being a victim of child sexual abuse courageous? ___ There are times I doubt this power as I look at myself in the mirror. I am still remarkably human. The hair fades in color and quantity. The waist still expands as if my stomach had a mind of its own. I still have […]

Comment of the Day: ‘There’s enough blame to go around’

How can we support men to keep them from becoming abusive?

How to End a Fight (on Twitter) Without Spilling Blood

Another person’s background may have led them to different conclusions than your own, but that doesn’t make their opinion less valid.

Male Abusers: When Strength is Just a Front for Fear

There’s enough blame to go around. But the real question is how we can support men to keep them from becoming abusive.

How to Build a Positive Future

To lay the foundation for a promising tomorrow, take advantage of the building blocks you have today.

The Problem With Teaching Our Sons To “Never Hit A Girl”

Because abuse is never OK, regardless of gender.

Do No Harm – Even When it Seems Pretty Appealing

How can we offer care to help those who have committed abuse?

Best Picture ‘Spotlight’ Tells a Story of Asking Questions and Covering Up Answers

Hollywood hits hard with a film that explores a disturbing tale of abuse.


He’s gone and I’ll show him wrong.

Beating the Seven-to-Ten Year Itch Together

Can a marriage last more than six years?

Why I Broke Up With My Toxic Parents

How to give your children a new story