As Child Abuse Investigations Take Shape, Old Crimes are Transforming British Society


Allegations of a historic paedophile ring are roiling Westminster—and adding to a wave of change sweeping through Britain’s core institutions.

I Am Proud Of My Masculinity

photo by americagov

Graham Phoenix has felt a need to take control over what he does in life and he has had many reasons to question this over the years. He now realizes that this is an essential aspect of his masculinity, an important part of being a man.

On Privilege Checking: The Story of My Chili Pepper


History professor Oliver Lee Bateman checks the various privileges symbolized by a single flaming chili pepper.

From the Husband of a Survivor


Kevin Nielsen shares the story of how he helped his wife heal from her sexual abuse, and offers advice for other secondary victims.

The Ghosts of My Bullies


The past can hurt: David Vienna opens up about his childhood experiences with hurtful bullies.

Opening the Door on Abuse of Men

Opening the door on Abuse of Men  gemsling:Flickr

Forced Into Silence, a documentary in progress, is presenting the first clip that starts the conversation about the abuse of men.

Men Opting In and Speaking Up


Three male senators disclose their experiences of childhood sexual abuse.

“Rape is a problem of control, not sex…linked to general disrespect & dominance.”


Jimmy Savile, Rape Culture and the Lessons for Us All

Why Father’s Rights is a Win for Women’s Rights


Mark Greene believes that freeing women from the domestic sphere while supporting men to enter that sphere is a win/win.

Artists Expose the Truth About Family Violence With Moving Comic

Dickson Lam Ted Losson

Dickson Lam and Ted Closson’s stunning and honest comic about cycles of abuse comes from Lam’s childhood

Dealing With My Ex-Boyfriend’s Eating Disorder


An anonymous contributor shares her story of dealing with her ex-boyfriend’s eating disorder, and demonstrates the importance of the need to address such diseases.

Because You Have a Song – What Maya Angelou Taught Us About Choice

maya-angelou Paul Morigi-AP

As the world mourns the passing of a poet, Dixie Gillaspie asks if we might turn our grief to song, and end the silence.

Maya Angelou Makes Me Strong

library-Loughborough University Library-flickr

Maya Angelou’s dignity and bravery gave one young man “rich chunks of hope” that he would survive, and eventually thrive.

What Are The Non-Negotiables In Your Relationships?

omhand by edie

“Who you allow into your life, mind and heart are among the most important decisions you will ever make.”- Bryant McGill

Recovery on Yellow Brick Road, Part 2


Like so many men who experienced sexual abuse as boys, John was deeply confused by the experience. Here’s a metaphor for how he faced the sense of betrayal, boundary confusion and distrust.

You Don’t Need to Feel Ashamed


Survivors of sexual abuse can’t simply flip the shame button to the off position. If only it were that easy…