Male Abusers: When Strength is Just a Front for Fear

There’s enough blame to go around. But the real question is how we can support men to keep them from becoming abusive.

How to Build a Positive Future

To lay the foundation for a promising tomorrow, take advantage of the building blocks you have today.

The Problem With Teaching Our Sons To “Never Hit A Girl”

Because abuse is never OK, regardless of gender.

Do No Harm – Even When it Seems Pretty Appealing

How can we offer care to help those who have committed abuse?

Best Picture ‘Spotlight’ Tells a Story of Asking Questions and Covering Up Answers

Hollywood hits hard with a film that explores a disturbing tale of abuse.


He’s gone and I’ll show him wrong.

Beating the Seven-to-Ten Year Itch Together

Can a marriage last more than six years?

Why I Broke Up With My Toxic Parents

How to give your children a new story

12 Signs of Passive-Aggressive Behavior—That Passive-Aggressives Don’t See

Could you be passive-aggressive and not know it? Rhoberta Shaler has a test to help you find out.

10 Things You Need to Know About True Love

Many want a relationship, but do they really know what that means?

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Emotional Abuse is a Behavior Not a Personality Trait

And 5 other things you need to remember about being in a relationship with an abuser.

I Thought I Was Alone, and Then I Met the World—A Survivor’s Story

Suzanna Quintana wrote some words that helped her understand narcissistic abuse. She had no idea how many survivors’ lives she would touch.

How Movies Move You: The Power of a Story

Spotlight illuminates the unique power of journalism to expose societal scandals.

Violence and Neglect Scar Children’s Brains for Life

Exposure to violence leaves physical marks on the brain that can impact children’s mental and physical health for the rest of their lives.

46 Years in the Making

Healing the Man Within is complete, published, and released.

Thoughts from the Front Lines of the Heroin Epidemic

Tim Lineweaver has been there and works on the frontlines. The heroin epidemic isn’t going away and it’s in your homes and your backyards.