7 Signs You Should Break Up With Them

Kiss Forehead Couple Love

Jordan Gray offers up seven tips to help you realize that it’s a lot simpler than you think it is.

The Dangers of Texting … With an Emotionally Abusive Partner

The Dangers of Texting by Mariah Wisner

This heartbreaking text exchange with an emotionally abusive partner will feel all too familiar to anyone in a relationship characterized by domination and control.

Things I’ve Learned About Domestic Violence: A Life of Heartbreak and Discovery

Things I've Learned by Caitlin Grace 1

Domestic violence survivor and wellbeing coach Caitlin Grace takes us through her journey, decade by decade.

Domestic Violence Isn’t Always Physical: 8 Signs You Are in an Abusive Relationship

photo by thx0477

Domestic violence, outside of the obvious signs of physical abuse such as pushing, grabbing, and hitting can be subtle, and both genders are at risk.

Just Because I Look Like My Father Doesn’t Mean I Act Like Him

Women with Mirror--Roy Lichtenstein

One mother sees the influences of her abusive father in her face, and the love of her husband in her daughter

I Grew Up With Guns, Then I Was Held Hostage With One


Haley Elkins didn’t fight then, but she’s going to fight now.

“Chris Brown is SUPPOSED to be convincing us beyond any shadow of a doubt that he will never do something like he did to Rihanna ever again.”


This is a comment by Grey Aiken on the post “Chris Brown’s Twitter Deactivated After Tweet War with Comedy Writer”.

When Chauvinism Ruled My Life


Olivia Davis discusses her year long brush with modern chauvinism in the form of a boy she liked.

Are Relationships Supposed to Hurt this Much?


Daniel Barrett’s partner wanted to solve their problems by running away, but he was the one who really needed to leave.