What if Young People Designed Their Own Learning?

Imagine a school with no year levels or set curriculum – could it work?

Why This Dad Hates Participation Trophies

When we reward everyone, no one learns.

The Glass Bead Game Podcast: The Meaning of Climate Change (Part 2)

This episode explores explores the ethics of direct action as a way to make sense of climate change.

The Glass Bead Game: A Unique Podcast Series that Challenges Mainstream Narratives

Episode 1: The Meaning of Climate (Part 1)

Our Struggle to Save the Kiwi Fruit

The story of the kiwi fruit brings up some important questions about where we get our historical information.

In Defense of Standardized Testing, Part III: Vital Data for Dads

Attention all fathers: district and personal test scores can be powerful tools for your child.

Dear Teacher, You’re Not As Good As You Think You Are

You might even suck if your students are already 95% educated on DAY ONE.

Online vs Face-To-Face Learning: Why Can’t We Have Both?

Ever since the invention of the printed word, academics have been arguing about the proper place of technology in teaching.

Sports Don’t Last Forever , Knowledge Does; Encouraging Academics for Boys

Athletics don’t last forever; however, the mind is the greatest muscle we can work and make strong for a lifetime.

Scouts in the Dichotomous Desert: Ethical Man in the 21st Century

Kip Robisch takes a philosophical look at what it takes to be a good man these days.

12 Years A Star, Black Boys Achieved

Years in the making, Parents Joe Brewster and Michele Stephenson show that the missing piece in education reform is parental engagement.

“When internationally acclaimed artists can’t teach because they don’t have an MFA, what does that say about the state of education?”

This is a comment by Cameron Conaway on the post “The Wayward Crutch of Higher Education”.

Stony Brook University Creating Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities

The John D. and Catherin T. MacArthur Foundation is funding a new Center for the Study and Men and Masculinities to be led by Michael Kimmel, PhD.

Can States Outlaw Free Online Education?

Minnesota requires a registration fee, even when courses are offered for free, online. Is this justifiable? Can it be enforced?

We Once Possessed the World

“‘You’re gonna make our kitten radioactive,’ I said. She didn’t look at me. We called our baby a kitten because Cate said when the baby kicked it felt like a kitten kneading its claws on Cate’s insides.” By Cote Smith