Whispers of Death: How BJ Miller is Changing the Impact of Dying

Do you live a life of compassion and service? One man’s brush with death prompted to turn his thoughts about dying into meaningful action.

A Case for LGBTQ History in Schools

LGBTQ experiences stand as integral strands in the overall multicultural rainbow. Everyone has a right to information that clarifies and explains these histories.

I’m Transgender and I Need Body Positivity, Too

On my worst days? I can’t leave my apartment. I ugly cry like there’s no tomorrow. And there’s a crushing weight on my chest, making it difficult to breathe, let alone function like the adult I’m supposed to be.

Sons and Dolls: A Father’s Message of Masculinity

When his young son asks for a doll for his birthday, a father reacts in the most appropriate, masculine way.

5 Things a Woman Really Wants

Jenny Kanevsky reveals five things a woman wants in a romantic relationship.

How to Let Love Fuel Your Life

Bryan Reeves helps you get out of your head and start leading with your heart.

Same Love: Leveling the Field for Couples Dealing with Disabilities

This PSA geared towards couples facing the challenges of disability was released on National Kissing Day. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

When and How to Forgive Dad

How does someone go about forgiving a father for a multitude of sins? Henrietta M. Ross tells us how. — Forgiveness. It’s a word thrown around breezily these days. Facebook pictures implore you to forgive whilst cuddling your cat, whilst books, quotes, religious texts, do something similar. Even in conversations with others, the message often […]

When People Make Unusual Choices

Why do we judge people for being different from us? Because we judge ourselves hardest of all.

The Marriage Mistake Almost Everybody Makes

If you are considering marriage, you have to take to heart this truth: Accept your partner as is, or don’t get married.

How to Share What Hurts

To claim your story and live an honest life, you have to share your pain.

Escaping the Trap of Past Conflict

Unresolved conflict from the past may be the most harmful influence on your future. Steve Spring offers some simple ways to let go.

Common Ground Is Sacred Ground

Ty Phillips helps us push past our differences to the humanity that unites us.

Conquering Fear With Understanding

Ty Phillips explains how fear flows from ignorance.

These Are The Realities Facing Transgender Youth

I wanted to scream for a 10-year-old boy, who was so scared to cause pain to his family and receive harassment from his peers, he was willing to lock up his feelings inside of him.

The Five Stages of Grief and Loss in Divorce

When a marriage dies and sadness hits, it’s the sadness that will heal you.