I’m Proud to be a Turbaned Man

The Sikh turban is steeped in symbolism but its wearers have also been a target of racism.

When You Come From a Culture That Does Not See Men Holding Hands as Gay, but You, In Fact Are

This is about men holding hands. In India, where I grew up, men showing affection this way was common and not construed as homosexual activity. I look back on how I interpreted this social action differently and how it has shaped me today as a gay man.

Fathers, Brothers, Sons: Every Year on Father’s Day

Ed Madden reflects on the final moments he had with his father, and how they’ve rippled throughout his life as a man.

How This Dad Knew He Finally Had Let Go Over His Divorce

Letting go and moving on… they sound so easy. Easy to say, easy to advise, but not so easy to do. Here is what happened, that told this dad, and divorce expert, that he had in fact, successfully let go.

In the Hands of Brothers

Erin Kelly reflects on the personal impact of having two brothers from two different walks of life.

Being Black and Filipino in America

Xavier Smith explores his experience Before the Casket.

Today I Voted for Everyone

Does real, lasting change come from anger and vitriol or compassion and inclusion? You decide…

Marriage Struggles: The Partner With The Least Desire Controls Sex

We mix up sex, intimacy and desire with disastrous results. Kyle Benson guides us through this slippery topic.

18 Loving Limits for Successful Relationships

We can’t influence who joins the human tribe but we can influence which humans join ours.

Do You Have Control Issues?

Sean Swaby takes a humorous look at our control issues.

The Illusion of Control and Hope Meet the Reality of Acceptance

Participating in a global culture of greed and oppression can make one go mad. Here’s how we can accept our realities, and still strive to be better.

The Power of Love: On Friendship, Acceptance and Death

This testimonial of love and acceptance between two friends is sweeping social media, yet few have heard it–until now.

Prince’s Legacy Reminds Dads That It’s Okay To Be “Weird”

James Woodruff has been struggling to write about a dad who was embarrassed by his young son. The death of Prince today has put the situation in perspective. Here is how.

Journeys Through Trans Masculinity

Men everywhere are speaking out about the pressure they feel to “be a man.” These trans men describe their similar struggles with finding acceptance for who they are.

The ‘You Are Loved’ Project Uses Murals to Change Lives

Artist and musician Alex Cross uses his creative gifts to spread hope and encouragement.

Dear Divorced Man: Your Future Abundance Relies on Today’s Acceptance

Denying your resilience, while human, is not helpful. Bill Douglas points the way to what will get you through.