Where in the Facebook is My Friend?

One man searches desperately for a reconnection with his childhood friend.

Selfies: The New Extreme Sport

Why do people risk their lives – or the lives of others – for the perfect selfie?

Dexter’s Midnight Juniper Service

Just when you think you’re in deep trouble, there’s a twist that will make you laugh.

Are You Having Fun In Your Relationship?

The vagaries of life can teach us much. Steven Lake had a serious accident that brought a new level of fun into his life.


It only takes a moment for things to change.

Seems Like Everything Used To Be Something Else

A second’s inattention left this experienced DIYer without a middle finger, and with a lot of questions.

What I Learned From My Hit and Run

In the aftermath of a traffic accident, Jon Harrison is struck by where his focus was and where it needs to be.

Baseball Mourns Up-And-Coming Star in Cardinals’ Taveras

St. Louis Cardinals’ top outfield prospect and his girlfriend were killed in auto accident in Dominican Republic.

Standing in Front of the Train: One Man Faces Down Cancer

Ken Richter had a near-dead experience years ago and now, as he faces cancer, he reflects on what he’s learned by facing his own mortality.

What Losing My Father At Age 21 Taught Me About Life

Call both of your parents, have a conversation with them and tell them you love them. Do this, because one day you won’t be able to do so and then you just might regret it.


In the latest installment of “Love, Recorded,” a car named Kiki gets in an accident. But what really hurts is the crash between the present and the past.

Wreck on the Highway

Rob Azevedo was chilling on his drive to work, listening to some Stern, when an accident across the highway jolted him into reality.

Unconscious and Freefalling: Sometimes a Man Really Needs Help

Helmet cam from unconscious skydiver being rescued mid-air.

“Rage should always be reconsidered and de-escalated as quickly as possible, and forgiveness should never be taken for granted.”

This comment by EnterNight on the post Intent vs Impact: Why Your Intentions Don’t Really Matter

Pumpkin Puddles and the Dangers of Halloween Shopping

Getting ready for Halloween fun with the kids shouldn’t be this scary. Or wet.

The Lie of Heroes: How Kerouac Almost Killed Me

By trying to follow in his literary hero’s footsteps, Jarad Dewing learned that not all heroes are what they seem.