Letting Go When Your Plans Go Sideways

falling off a horse

It’s important to know when to hang on, when to let go, and when to get back on the horse.

The Accidental Leader: Enjoy Your Accidents, They can Change your Life


I once took the wrong job and it changed my life – accidentally.

The Power Of Pain: A Dark Secret To Everlasting Love

In a deep well looking

Steven Lake shows us the surprising power of pain to strengthen your relationship – if you survive it.

The Golden Age of Chivalry: How Disability Keeps It Alive


Erin Kelly has reason to believe there’s still plenty of good in the world, and why we shouldn’t give up on it.

Did I Just Bump Off Bambi’s Mom? Oh My.


The Burbman takes a moment to muse and say “oh deer” over Bambi, and the things that get bumpers in the night.

Stepping Away From Tragedy

stepping from tragedy

We’re all recovering from something, but that’s okay. Just keep stepping.

Fear and Loathing in Pittsburgh: The Online Mauling of a Parent Just Like You


Angry commenters rushed to persecute a woman whose son fell to his death at the Pittsburgh Zoo. If it’s true that horrific accidents could happen to any parent, why can’t we accept that?

You Never Know: Alone with Sandy


Sean Carney knows how to dress for emergencies.

Why Smoking Is Banned on Airplanes


A tale of chivalry and danger from the days when airline travelers could smoke on commercial flights.

Dear John: She’s Not Fit To Be Tied


This week, Dear John addresses a guy who is stuck on “his way” in sex, a long unsaid apology, and a dented car.

What Is Meant to Be?


Atalwin Pilon travels from the monasteries of Thailand to the Sydney gay scene, and finds we are all connected.

Stitches? Nah.


Matt Peregoy’s dad teaches a lesson in self-sufficiency.

A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem


Not every suicide looks like a suicide.

Character Lesson

water moccasin, Father's Day

That which does not kill you, builds character.

My Fourth Father’s Day


Being the father of a daughter is one of the hardest jobs ever: you are molding her into the woman she will become, someday.


forest fire

After the the bombs fall, reality seeps back in through the flesh and senses. A poem.