A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to Michelle Duggar

In our second letter of the day to the Duggar family, gay dad Rob Watson addresses mother Michelle about her activism against the LGBT community and how her rhetoric stands up in light of the situation her family faces.

How Poop Taught Me To Be a Responsible Husband

Ben Martin needed the rudest wake up call imaginable to learn to take responsibility for his actions in life and in his marriage.

Elmo is Innocent (or Why Some People Lie)

We are quick to judge celebrities, politicians, and public figures based on gossip. We are quick to convict based on a few paragraphs we read online or in the paper. Meanwhile, their life is destroyed.

Lance Goes Down

Mark Radcliffe reports from the France on the fall of Lance Armstrong, ascendance of Bradley Wiggins as “patron” of the Tour.

“Accuse someone of being a ‘racist’ on the internet, the accused has been effectively silenced.”

This is a comment by AnonymousDog on the post “TakiMag: Twelve-Step Plan for American Machismo”.

“Men being called on to be protectors is gone along with the 20th century.”

This is a comment by Transhuman on the post “Providence Girl Beaten While Neighbor Videotapes”.