Tips for Boys Starting Puberty

Puberty can be confusing for boys, despite what they’re taught in school health classes. Wellcast has some solid, practical advice for soon-to-be men.

Seven and Seven

Even his mother knew he was hiding who he was behind that hair, but Paul Schneider was running, too.

Why Do We Still Circumcise Boys?

Whether childhood circumcision is acceptable or not is an ethical question, not a medical one. Chuck Ross asks, why did we ever circumcise boys?

“Severe objectification is when you see someone as a collection of parts that only exist for your pleasure.”

This is a comment by wellokaythen on the Comment of the Day: “Society wants dads to ‘step up’, but they are literally stomped down when they do.”

Ten things I’ve learned from having acne

Don’t wash your face more than once or twice a day. It leads to increased oil build-up and break-outs. Don’t use harsh topical creams like tetracycline. It will mess you up later. Use gentle cleanser gently (I like gentle Cetaphil), and take hot showers every morning. Don’t scrub your face, don’t use a washcloth. Don’t […]