Carleton King Opts to Tell the Truth at the Harlem Repertory Theatre

— If you follow the emotions then you get the idea where the inspiration comes from. — Carleton King grew up in Brooklyn, had head shots as an infant and was pushed toward the profession by his parents. Even so, he always knew he had a knack and grew with the craft by studying acting […]

Chazz Palminteri Brings a Bronx Tale to the Capitol Theater in Port Chester

Bringing back the one man show after 20 years.

The Top 10 Closing Lines in Movies

It’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish.

Kiss My Aspergers (Creating Art with Autism)

Actor and autistic Mickey Rowe puts the tension of apparent dichotomies to work in daily interaction and in art.

Weird Stuff That Happened to Me as a Marginally Successful Child Actor

Some jobs have more odd moments than others…

Who Are You When No One Else Is Looking?

Who are you in light of who you think is looking – when no one is looking? Jeremy McKeen asks the ultimate identity-revealing questions.

Are You Raising Resilient Kids?

Psychotherapist Mel Schwartz helps parents push past the obstacles to raising strong, self-sufficient children.

The Year I Broke Through

High school senior and acting ace Jacob Sundlie didn’t let adversity break him. Instead, he learned to play the role of the survivor.

Finding Happiness in the Vulnerable Self: Rikin Vasani’s Journey

Sometimes, a guy just sits down in front of the camera and spills. This is one of those times.

Stritch, One Man’s Memory of Elaine

William Lucas Walker remembers that voice. That delivery. That timing. And the woman who would not be ignored. A tribute to Elaine Stritch.

The Will Ferrell Story That Will Change The Way You Feel About Following Your Passions

Conflicted about following your passions? So was Will Ferrell. Here’s how Ferrell got the courage to pursue his purpose, and walk away from his dream, if he needed.

Could Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Land His Oscar if He Stars in the Steve Jobs Biopic?

Will Leo’s latest spin as a rich white guy finally land him a golden statue?

The First Lady Syndrome: Trauma Induced by Her ‘Man of God’

There’s an outbreak in the church and it’s causing wide-spread illness. To save humanity, we have to do more than shout for a cure.

You Don’t Really Want Them to Understand

Kevin Macku examines internet and domestic conflicts from an actor’s perspective, and shows that arguments often run deeper than the surface.

Dear John: He Wants His Space … After Three Years

Dear John gives advice about a suddenly distant boyfriend, a guy who dresses below his age, and friends bashing a son’s career choice.